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How Story Telling Influences Marketing

How Story Telling Influences Marketing

Thursday December 22, 2016,

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Sunil Muniraj - How Story Telling Influences Marketing

Sunil Muniraj - How Story Telling Influences Marketing

Sunil Muniraj - Story telling isn’t a new concept; it is just an old one which we have been hearing right from when we were small. At some point or the other, for sure all of us would have got convinced with the fairly tales what our parents used to tell. When those stories are influencing children very deeply, why not the stories related to marketing would also influence the customers?

Story telling is actually one of the effective and of course most powerful tool which helps in driving a lot of potential customers. When stories have so much power in attracting, inspiring and encouraging people, I guess this is the right time to consider story telling as one of the major aspect in your marketing campaigns.

Few months back, when I was glancing through some websites, I came across an inspiring quote from Maya Angelou, who was one among the famous American poets. Look here what she says about story telling - “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” So, how will you make your customers feel? It can only be done by telling an attractive story.

Here are some points on why you must consider storytelling as one of the aspect in your marketing campaigns.

1. Stories Actually Portray What You Want To Tell

Suppose, let’s take a situation, where you are a guest for some event and you get a chance to give lecture in front of thousand’s or hundreds of people. In that case, if you just keep on blabbering something in front of them, it is obvious that they lose interest in your lecture. Instead if you start portraying your views like a story, people actually get a picture about that and they listen to your words. When storytelling is of such importance, why not, you can use the same strategy in your marketing campaigns also.

2. Stories Create Emotions Among People

The main aim of all the companies is to catch the consumer’s attention. As humans are emotional beings, you can easily make use of this for stirring your marketing campaigns. When you tell a story with emotions, it is indirectly playing with their sensitiveness. Emotions actually have a high impact on the advertisements. So, keeping emotions as your subject, you can start telling stories about your brand and create awareness among them.

3. Stories Help In Attracting More People For Your Marketing Campaigns.

In order to attract more and more people for your marketing campaigns, you need to focus and understand what your customers really want. Unless and until, the customers are not happy with your business, they are not likely to buy the products from you. So, keeping this into consideration, make sure you focus on making them happy and not on your marketing efforts. 

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