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How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly (2022)

If you really want to make your site mobile friendly so here in this article I'll teach you How can we make our site mobile friendly without hire any Website developer.

How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly (2022)

Sunday September 17, 2017,

5 min Read

Is your website mobile friendly? if not so you should make your website mobile friendly right now, Don't worry there is no need learn about coding because I make my website mobile friendly Just few hours.

Without any coding knowledge because in This article I'm going tell you my Story how I made my Website Mobile-friendly just in 5 hours.

Let's Start, How we can make our website user & mobile friendly few years back since 2012 I started my mobile technology website at that time I didn't have any coding Knowledge like HTML, and CSS but I knew about those languages, In that time I really upset because I want to Boost my website traffic like rocket.

I didn't GiveUp search engine didn't improve my website ranks, so then I decide to improve my site ranking, I searched at Google how can I improve my website ranking I found the best result at Backlinko.com 200 ranking factors of SERPs.


There are Top 10 reasons of Google don't improve your site ranking. I found there 5th big reason is your website should be mobile friendly. So finally I decided to make my site Mobile phone friendly then research on Google in 15 Hours Non-stop about how can I make my website mobile friendly.

After the One day I decide to learn about WordPress how can I use WordPress for making mobile-friendly Website After the 10 Days effort I able to make my website  and mobile friendly Now I'm very happy My search engine Traffic significantly boost 80% and And now I received a lots of user feedback, according to Google analytics tool there are 100,000 Monthly Active users on my site That's Why I decided to Share my this experience with other people who want to make his website Mobile Friendly.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly Just Following Some tips.

There Are Top 5 Ways to Make your Website Mobile friendly and user-friendly so Automatically your website or blog will be Search engine friendly Some tips are listed below. 

#1. Make Mobile Friendly website And Get Good User Experience.

#2. After The Your Website Mobile Friendly Gain Serps Ranking.

#3. Mobile Friendly Website can give you good revenue.

Let's Start with Some Starting introduction What we need to make our website Mobile Friendly There are some ways to make our website Mobile Friendly #1. First one is using Bootstrap, #2. Second is Using WordPress mobile friendly theme, Third is Using WordPress plugin, you can make your website mobile friendly using those methods.


If you don't know what is WordPress So, read this sentence otherwise you can move text sentence, WordPress is a free and open source content management system it was launched by Matt Mullenweg since 27 May 2003, If I tell you as a simple way it's application of server you just need to install on your web server then you can create a website on the WordPress it's help for creating a website without using language It's best helper to create a website.

If you want to know how can we install or How can we use you can follow the WordPress.

Let's move on the Topic So in the list I told you three ways to make your site user-friendly The first is Bootstrap basically the bootstrap is a language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, the bootstrap help you to make your site mobile friendly If you want to make your site user-friendly using coding so You need to learn bootstrap I don't recommend you because this is not an easy way.

The second method I told you the using WordPress themes I strongly recommend you this second method for making your website mobile friendly Because it's a piece of cake, And third and the last method Using WordPress Plugin for making a mobile-friendly website.

So here I don't waste your precious time to tell third way of making Mobile friendly website So we start to know how can we make Mobile friendly website using Costume WordPress themes. The first thing is your website should be WordPress base if your site is not WordPress base or you want to make Mobile friendly website without moving on WordPress so You can the follow first step of Bootstrap.

On the WordPress Have in The theme option bunch of Free of cost themes using those you create your site mobile friendly themes and check out 20+ best free WordPress themes otherwise for WordPress website you can buy advanced level themes on the Themeforest.net there have many themes with the best price you can also buy their best the for your website.

After the buy WordPress Premium theme you need to install if you don't have knowledge installing theme so you can follow WP beginner, After the install Hopefully your site will be Mobile Friendly. Do you know which website I worked that is Peshawarichappal.com Now it's Pakistan No #1 website the provide Pakistani Peshawari Chappal like Price, Footwear designs etc.