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The Three Big Ways iOS App Development Will Change In The Next Five Years

The Three Big Ways iOS App Development Will Change In The Next Five Years

Friday July 03, 2020,

5 min Read

iOS app development has shown tremendous improvement over the past few years. It is considered to be one of the smartest smartphone developments ever.

The reasons behind this are the innovative changes that it has gone through from time to time. custom iOS app development thrives to make products significantly better.

In the next few years, it is about to get changed prominently due to the lightning-fast speed of innovations being made all around the globe.

In the App Store, there are approximately 2,100,000 iOS apps available. This means that there is still a satisfactory amount of scope of iPhone app developers to flourish and innovate creative things.

Three Ways iOS App Development Will Change In the Next Five Years

Apple is said to be the leader when it comes to adapting the new technologies and launching new features in mobile application development.

This is the reason why all other OS keep taking inspiration from them. In the next five years, there are some technologies that will change the way iOS applications are being developed, and the top three of them have been described below. Let’s have a look at all three of them and know how they will change the iOS apps:

  1. Integration With AI
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Integration With IoT

Integration With AI

AI was in the development stage for many years but now it is finally in a state where it can be used with many applications.

iOS was the first platform that launched a voice assistant. Siri and many other applications in iOS can be made smart when they are integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

Siri is already working on some principles of AI as it keeps the record of things as instructed and can also make calls, type messages, and read out messages and emails for the users.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and in the coming time, it will be so much better. AI also has another part which is called ML and according to that the applications and the device become smarter as people keep using it.

This is something that will create a revolution in the iOS mobile app development industry. This is why companies need to hire mobile app developers who will stay up to date with the knowledge about these technologies.

This will make Siri more intelligent, maybe it will be able to answer calls and respond to important messages as advised by the owner of the device.

We saw Jarvis the Marvel movies and that is the prototype we can think of as the final extent to which a device or an assistant can go.

There is still a long time and a lot of things needed to happen but they are possible. The first step can be the decision to hire ios developers who are well-versed with AI.

AI is being used in many things around the world and already people are realizing how big of a change it will bring about. iOS is about to see a big change because of this technology in the next five years.

Augmented Reality

Just like AI, AR is also going to change the way applications are being developed. There are many applications that have started using this technology.

Take Lenskart for example. They hire mobile app developers that allow their users to try on frames virtually because of their AR technology features.

This technology was also used in the very popular game Pokemon Go and all the applications that used it became successful. But this one is still used very less because not everyone understands it.

This can be a great help to apparel websites or eCommerce websites. Users will be able to try on clothes virtually and see how they will look on them.

To be able to use this users might have to wait for some years but in the next 5 years, this technology will surely arrive for iOS users.

iPhone app developers have always launched new technologies and features first and they have always ensured their quality too.

With AR the world is looking at the custom iOS app development companies. Apple has provided its developers with a special Apple AR kit platform to develop the applications with integrating AR tech.

This is the benefit that will keep them above all other OS who are developing applications for smartphones.

There are social media platforms too that are using the AR technology and the most popular to name is Snapchat.

They have filters in which they allow users to wear sunglasses and apply wigs virtually and that is nothing but AR.

Integration With IoT

IoT was introduced recently and within a few years, it has improved the industry pretty well. There are many possibilities of integration of iOS applications with IoT that could be possible in the next five years.

One of them includes the communication of the Apple watch with doors, lights, television, and speakers to provide the highest level of usability.

More custom iOS app development services are dedicated to this technology, less will be the time by which IoT will be used extensively by common people.

It will enable the products to communicate with each other securely and share commands and information at one simple click of the user.

Swift 3.0 can play a major role in accelerating the pace of innovation in the landscape of IoT as it is the simplest programming language created by Apple.


There are some fields that iOS app developers need to work on. These include Core machine learning, artificial intelligence, Apple Pay, and much more.

In order to build successful iOS apps, more command on these fields and a game-changing advancement in iOS app development is required.

In the near future, mobile app development company is going to experience many new implementations in the market and iOS application development is expected to lead the way.