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How can you Reinvent your Career with Automation Benefits in DevOps?

Automation is the technique of realizing the DevOps Philosophy and ensure its productivity. The underlying building block or foundation of the DevOps makes sure that DevOps is the right engineering platform to facilitate continuous integration, continuous delivery and significant improvements too.

How can you Reinvent your Career with Automation Benefits in DevOps?

Friday August 31, 2018,

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Here are the number of processes that were carried out manually earlier and automated these days with the help of tools and techniques.

Creation of robust infrastructure for production, testing, configuration, and the development networks.

Harness the true power of security and data safety.

Setup, configure and deploy the software programs manually.

Testing or data validation that will guarantee the maximum usage of the application.

App maintenance, upgrades, support, and transitions etc.

DevOps <br>


What is hidden in the traditional development cycle?

If we look at the traditional development scenario closely then each of the processes needs a new development environment and it is quite a tedious and lengthy process too. However, if we take the example of DevOps environment then different versions of products are released frequently with maximum quality and utmost frequency. When you perform all these tasks manually then it will definitely undermine the efficacy of the DevOps approach in the long run.

However, this is not all about DevOps only but automation has its own benefits too. There were just unexpected errors in the production in the case of manual builds because this is tough to replicate each environment perfectly. Obviously, the overall chances of errors will increase and there is a quick need for rigorous testing to handle all these errors perfectly.

In the modern era, we just don’t need the business solutions but it should be robust and error-free too. Each product needs customizations and it should be deployed at the client-end in a short time frame only. Once the product has been deployed, it needs continuous support to fix the bugs and complete the day-to-day activities in a smooth manner.

Also, a product deployed for the business domain should be configured and utilized in the best way by another industry. This is what we expect from the software industry today.

So, what is more, hidden in the traditional development cycle? ……

Each of the members of the team has a local copy of the code. Every time when a developer implements new features or bugs are fixed logically then the new code should be committed back to the repository. Obviously, there is more than one member of the team that should follow the same process at the same time, breaking the code and affecting the code of another developer too.

The rule of thumb is that more work is done by humans, more testing is required to fix and correct those work modules. The development standard may become non-standard that will make the traditional development cycle more tough and unpleasant too. In the worst scenarios, developers need to reinvent the wheel every time they are making changes to the application based on business needs.

What are the benefits of automation in DevOps?

With the creation of a responsive development environment that is perfectly aligned to your business needs and fixes the human error from the lifecycle of a project, DevOps helps organizations in the following ways –

It will reduce the overall time for new services implementation from weeks to days.

The productivity and agility of business processes are maximized.

It will help you in reducing the maintenance costs, upgrade costs, and other unwanted expenses too.

The replication process is made easier and faster.

It will help to improve the reliability, quality, and the reusability of various software components.

The rate of success for digital transformation is actually higher.

It makes sure that money is invested at the right place i.e. Cloud infrastructure, analytics, data management tools etc.

Here, you can see that DevOps has the capability to add a plenty of benefits to the project lifecycle through automation and taken as an ideal approach to different projects either it is a national project, government project or any other business app. It will help you in accelerating services through continuous delivery, integration, and maximum operational flexibility. At the same time, this is a cost-effective approach to deliver values through innovative ways of development and operations.

Why is DevOps Certification Training Key of a Successful Career?

The DevOps certification training is new to the world and this is time to take your knowledge to the next level through proven DevOps Training with reputed institutes. This is possible to adopt the best development approach and DevOps practices only if you are educated and gained hands-on expertize in various DevOps tools.

The DevOps is an ideal approach to innovative thinking and decision-making. The DevOps practitioners are earning maximum amongst It professionals today and demand for skilled DevOps professionals are expected to grow immensely in the near future too.

Based on a salary survey, the average salary of a DevOps manager is $122,234 per annum & DevOps engineers make a whopping $151,461 per annum.


Today, the presence of DevOps practitioners can be felt almost everywhere either it is media sector, entertainment sector, or the education sector. Based on Geographical areas, DevOps professionals in the USA are getting maximum salaries when compared to other regions.

So, be among the certified professionals, join DevOps certification Training and climb your ladder to success right away!