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How To Create Viral Content

Great content is not narrating a story, it is telling your story well.

How To Create Viral Content

Thursday January 05, 2017,

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Every writer's dream is to not have to sell yourself. They just want to write and hope the readers to follow anywhere. Today, every company wants an ad that goes viral whether it is a giant company or startup, Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Creating a viral content takes a lot more than to be insanely practical and getting emotional. Most of the viral ads circulating in the internet or market are either personal or sponsored by a company.

Viral marketing is basically a promotion of an item to individuals without them knowing they are being marketed to. The ultimate goal of a marketer is to create a successful marketing campaign that goes viral in short period of time

Want to know what's the secret of viral marketing? The secret is that there is no secret and the happiness lies in no secret. Like no one can correctly predict that if a movie is going to be a hit or flop, But here is what I analyzed after going through hundreds of article, images, and videos. So if you are making efforts and striving for viral marketing let's first understand how to make viral content and run your campaign successfully.

1) Know Your Audience

Your audience doesn't want any type of content, maybe they don't even want to read an article which you have written. All they want is answers to their question, information, and resources that help people like them. Do as much research as you can to find out who is your existing audience, want are their desires or what are they looking for. You can't afford to do viral marketing for any general audience, it would be like shooting an arrow in the air and you don't know where it lands. For Ex: A campaign for health and fitness may be interesting for fitness freak but it is not going to reach or will interest an investment banker.

Start with articles, images, videos and so on your audience will let you know what kind of content is most compelling to them via statistics.

Ask Yourself?

Who is your campaign going to target?

What is the aim of your campaign?

2) Type of Visual Content

Text based content has always been a fundamental part of marketing but if you are willing to have a viral content in this digital era, nothing can beat visual content. According to the report, visual content is more likely to have much more views and shares for the reason that it has a long lasting impression, which can take your marketing campaign to next level. The things that go viral are the things which are visually appealing, try to make visual (image, video or infographic) which matches with your brand or topic of humor, surprising or informative.

Personally, I prefer videos as users spend 2x more time in watching videos than reading a text. Videos provide an immersive experience, they are the best way for showing common problems and then providing a solution with your product or service. If you don't have resources for videos stick to the images and infographic.

Ask Yourself?

Which type of visual will best deliver the message?

3.) Choose Topic Wisely

Everything revolves around great content, viral content are not created unexpectedly, mostly are well planned. Choose a kick ass topic as it should be compelling enough for people to share it and your content should be short, crisp and clean. Firstly decide video, image or infographic which is more appropriate for your niche, always try to make strong headlines. If you're making a video or infographic make sure, first you write script or flow of content by which message is clearly received by the audience.

The golden rule is that the message should be?




4.) Use Digital Platforms

The more you share your content on digital platforms the better result you will get but don't force it, social media sharing has made easy and plays a pivotal role in viral marketing. Make sharing easy for visitors, the most effective approach is by adding social media buttons by which you can see better social media engagement. Facebook has the largest database which gives huge engagement through likes, shares, and comment followed by twitter which provides real-time trending topics so prioritize these according to your business.


5.) Some More Tips

Once you are ready with your content, make sure you are more visible on the internet and major search portals too.

Short & Descriptive URL attract more clicks and also provide better results when searched on search console.

 Use a strong and unique headline, using of odd number in the headline can provide better CTR.

Using of high-quality images are most likely to read.

Aim for at least 1000+ words.

Publish your content when your audience is most active.

Avoid features that annoy visitor.

Now that you have read the article, I want you to follow this advice, Trust me, it works. According to one of the leading digital marketing agency, The best hack for viral content is keep on "experimenting and focus on user."

So what do you think of these tactics? 

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