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Building a mobile application for your startup without coding experience

Thursday September 21, 2017,

4 min Read



Mobile Application is not just about technology. It is about having an idea and the belief that your mobile app idea is about to change lives of people. But not every tech startup founder is a developer and not every mobile app startup is founded from dorm rooms by a bunch of tech geeks.

Don’t believe it?

Have you ever heard of never heard of Chad Mureta? Well, chances are you have never heard about him but there are chances that you’ve used one of his apps – Emoji [the app with smiley faces] or FingerPrint Security Pro. His app creations have been downloaded, in total, 50 million times.

But he is not a tech geek. Chad Mureta, a real estate agent was recovering from an accident in hospital when the idea of fingerprint security app struck him. With zero coding experience or technical expertise, Chad realized that his strength was ideation. He outsourced the development and design of app idea to professionals and submitted his app to the App Store. This app quickly climbed the ladder of success to one of the top-ranking apps.

This brings us to the crux of the matter. Not every mobile app startups is founded by developers. And they don’t necessarily have to be a tech specialist. As an entrepreneur, it is not just about writing code. You need to focus on validation of concept, prototyping, managing finance and accounting, finding business partner and providing excellent customer service.

The list is endless.

So if you’re coding novice or practically know nothing about coding and yet would like to build a mobile app startup based on an idea, you have several ways to get going.

Hire a Dedicated Team

If you would just like to focus on transforming your app idea into reality, learning coding is not a feasible solution. Instead, focus on getting your business off the ground. It is important to look for mobile app development partner or hire a dedicated developer for your project.

As a startup, you need a technical partner to help your business grow and reach the next level. A professional mobile app development company  can help you deliver not just the code, but also the technical consulting, innovation, support and promotion. You will realize the importance of having a long-term relationship once your startup scales and it is time to build next version of your product or target new markets. Remember, we are not just talking about vendors or contractors; rather we are talking about partners. Partnering with an organization gives you more time to focus on core areas and the much needed flexibility.

Consider DIY Tools

The mobile app development market is full of DIY tools that allow developing Mobile App without writing a single line of code. There are several such tools such as Configure.ITAppypie  and more. These DIY tools allow you to develop, manage and test your app idea. If you’re an existing startup requiring an app to expand your web presence to the mobile world, these tools can come to your quick rescue. And these tools are equally helpful if you want to build a mobile app from scratch. These mobile app development tools come across as a feasible option for entrepreneurs with limited resources.

Know when to focus on the technical side

You don’t have to learn tricks of coding to launch your app. But it is a great skill to acquire and can be learned at different stages. If you are ready to get started with mobile app development, it won’t hurt to get some idea and knowledge about different technology stacks, operating systems, frameworks and platforms available. This will help you make the right business decision for your app or product.

Building a mobile application with no programming or tech background can be a daunting task. It requires a lot of planning, analysis and patience. Acquiring the right team/ development partner will take you a step closer to creating a successful and revenue-generating mobile application.