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Life at it's best: Freelance and Corporate

Breaking boundaries between the Freelance  and Corporate world

Life at it's best: Freelance and Corporate

Wednesday October 18, 2017,

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My story goes from topsy-turvy turntables to sweet rides of thrill and passion! From the decisions of not joining the so-called IT Company after the college placements and thoughts of starting "something of my own" is one of the biggest risk, one can take. And yes! I did, after fondling around the web and the time that passed in actually preparing yourself to revert to that email of your joining date, there are a lot of factors you have to think.

The Big Decision - where most of us mess up!

I chose Freelancing over the typical thought of college placements, and yes I am still doing it. It's an addiction, it's the most trendy firepower to the oldest artillery! You get to work with some of the biggest entrepreneurs, firms or individual clients throughout the world plus earning thousands of dollars on the go. The term freelance to many means someone having a hard luck at finding a job in life to not really capable of working in a corporate world, and the obvious shy reverts to people asking "beta kya krte ho?" - "Freelancing kr rha hu, mtlb individual contractor hu".  It will take you 15 more minutes to explain yourself to people that Freelancing is actually a work in itself and not a deja vu.

Be your own BOSS!

After 3 years of working in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Business Development and Content Writing, I can say I enjoyed every bit of it. Yes, there are huge financial perks, enough for buying your own car, enough to pay for your higher education goals (by the way I am Gold Medallist in MBA), enough for you to pay your own bills and be completely independent in life. Completing more than 30 projects in more than 10 countries worldwide, working with some of the best entrepreneurs, freelancing connects you to the world where you are your own king! Well, there are downsides such as job security, welfare benefits etc. but in the end I would say it's all worth it and I actually enjoyed these 3 years, almost getting everything I wished for. Yes, you can take this experience of working professionally with different clients, your craft to a company any-time you wish to, just make sure you know how to project this well.

Make the most of it!

Today I am working in a tech giant in Chandigarh and still doing my love gig. All the time put in and all the experiences that I gained from, it all went well to get me in here. I can say the stigma that the freelance industry is something temporary and "not safe" is actually a myth. Breaking this border of differences as your career choice is solely in your hands, you make your own decisions as they all come back to you in one way or the other. So make the most of it, and try choosing the road less traveled.

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