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How traveling can inspire you to write creatively

How traveling can inspire you to write creatively

Monday July 02, 2018,

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Are you a writer but currently struggling with new ideas and creativity? Then it is undoubtedly time to pack your backpack and take yourself on a traveling trip. A writer always needs to be creative, so that he or she can engage the readers. They need to carry a flow in their articles and blogs, along with some amazing facts that balance their work and ensures that reader’s interest is always entertained. For this reason, it is imperative to seek adventure from time to time to get motivation and make themselves more creative. There is always a journey that inspires a book, blog or even a column in the newspaper.

How traveling inspired me to become a writer?

It was traveling that made me a writer. Whenever I travel to the mountains to hike on my favorite trails, I wanted to tell others who never travel due to their work or lack of interest that what they are actually missing. Traveling has made me creative, expressive and free from all the depressions that every human is prone to. Traveling to new places tends to make you more hospitable, tolerable and patient. You meet new people, make new friends, see new and beautiful things, and yes get more stamps on your passport.

Traveling is so exciting and refreshing that I literally count days when I will have a chance to hit the road again. Traveling also gives us a chance to rediscover our interests and passions. It was indeed traveling that made me aware of my passion and love for writing, and since then I have been pursuing a career as a writer.


Traveling styles creativity

When we travel, we have plenty of time to do creative and interesting things. We can either admire the surroundings by taking pictures and making videos. Writers can maintain a travel journal to note their experience, which they can later convert into their writing masterpiece. You also meet new people from cultures different than you, and sometimes they inspire you in a way that you end up characterizing them in your book or articles. They become your subjects and you have a whole new creative topic to write about.

What inspires us to positively change when we travel?

It is either a change in the environment, new people you get to meet, or the soothing sensation of being untied from the workplace or home responsibilities that help a person to start and finish the writing projects. For me, it was my first trip that resulted in a successful essay for my literature class. Then as time passed and I traveled more, it became an interest and since then, I have made my passion and interest a way of living. There is something in traveling to places, seeing new sceneries, meeting you people that refresh me and encourages me to work to the best of my abilities.

If you think traveling is expensive, this tip is for you

Let’s face it, traveling is a massive source of joy and freedom. People who are able to travel are lucky, as it requires a good amount of time, money and freedom, which is not guaranteed for many people. For people who cannot afford traveling, or are disabled, leaving their cities or country isn’t easy. Even a ticket will cost so much that they can do something else from the money than spending on it. There are also people who travel not for leisure, but for an obligation. Their trips are not holidays but rushed escapes. People who are able to plan vacations and go on them are lucky, and people who are able to document their travels and turn it into something creative are even luckier.

Just like any other person, I also used to think traveling is expensive and can only be managed by saving the whole year. Although I still save a lot for my trips, I have also learned an infinite number of ways to save on my trips. One good trick is to counsel a good travel agent for the trip. You can easily come across different discount packages that are offered to them by airlines and hotels for their own promotion.

For an instance, I used a travel agent to book my return flights to Accra along with the accommodation. I was able to save a lot by booking a discounted deal on the whole trip. Now I know how to save on booking, and mostly I am able to find cheap flights to anywhere whenever I travel. It has become a treat for me to be able to travel and save at the same time.

Traveling makes a writer comprehensive

When a writer seeks new destinations and places to become more creative, there is certainly no substitute for them to adapt. The Internet is a great platform to see and be amazed by exotic destinations. But seeing it on the internet and seeing it for real is quite different in reality. When you have a chance to visit a place, you can get a chance of sensing its smell, feeling and touching it, and even breathe in the moment. This will give a chance for you to get an edge over other writers as you have experienced a state of bliss, and can even interpret it with your creative skills that are developed in the process.

When you are making a flow in your paragraphs, a good inspiration from someplace, a different culture and interaction with people can help you describe that part more openly. Readers can easily get entertained by your description of things that are so mainstream, yet so intriguing. You can learn the art of getting in that location, and taking your readers along with you with that motivation you have achieved from your travels. A vacation worth a good life experience is what a good writer will always need to produce a great work.

Added benefits along with creativity

When you are a writer and want to get some inspiration so that you can be more creative with your work, you need to get out of your comfort zone. Traveling is the best mean to achieve this and challenge yourself to accomplish your goals. In order to get the best, you need to think out of the box. Traveling enables you to seek places you can only imagine of seeing, taste food that you haven’t even heard of, and communicate in languages that you can barely understand. These challenges make your journey more interesting, and you certainly have a tale to tell in your writing piece afterward.

Traveling also makes you cross political borders, added some physical and psychosomatic pressures which later enables you to become mentally and substantially strong. So not only your writing is affected in a positive way, you become stronger as a person.

One other benefit of traveling for not just a writer, but everyone is that they get the essential rest and rehabilitation needed for the relaxation of mind and body. It will shape your personal life for better. In a writer’s perspective, even if he or she is a blogger, columnist, poet or an author, traveling provides a break that is needed to formulate a dream project. It gives them time to perfect their writing skills with unconventional but reliable and tested methods. A writer who disagrees with these benefits is either lying or have never set foot out of their den.

In a nutshell

Time flies and if a writer isn’t stepping outside to explore and see the world, they are truly missing the excellence they can achieve in their career and hurting their own creative skills. Before all the unseen places and all the unwritten words come to haunt you, start traveling to become more creative and experienced. One of the best examples I can give you is of the great writer J.K Rowling. She was a writer before; but when she traveled and met new people, she came up with Harry Potter book series. It not only changed her entire life, but also rewrote the history of novel writing, and even the art of movie making.

Allow new cultures to inspire you by integrating with them. Write about new people, new places, and new traditions and let the world of new and better possibilities grow around you. The only thing between you and ultimate success is creativity. Learn how to be creative and I promise you can rule the world.