7 features needed to build a great iPhone app

This article is about some great features of iPhone application that you have never seen before.

7 features needed to build a great iPhone app

Thursday March 29, 2018,

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Are you someone who is an owner of an IT organization providing the services of iPhone App Development to all the clients? Or are you someone who is working as a developer in an iOS App Development company? Then, you must be knowing in-detail about the working of and how to use it in an efficient manner to develop great iPhone applications. Today, iOS app development has been in huge demand as far as the IT industry is concerned and therefore, it becomes really important for all the developers to know about various features of iOS, for sure.

Now, if you’re working in the IT industry for a long time, then you must have an idea about how iOS App Development Services is ruling the roost as far as the mobile sector around the world is concerned. The reason behind that is, it is believed by many industry experts across the globe that, iOS app development is the future of mobile application development industry, without a doubt. Therefore, as a developer, it is vital for you all to be aware of all the latest innovations and techniques that are taking place right now in the iOS, as it will make you stand out from the rest.


Today, if you’re working as a developer or as a designer in the IT industry, then you have seen ads of many iOS App Development Company on the various social media platforms, isn’t it? From this statement, you can clearly understand the kind of impact iOS apps has created in the IT industry, that too in such a short time span. Now, as the iOS has evolved with the time, there are many functionalities and features of iOS which are added to it. All these features as well as the functionalities have made the job of the developers very easy & accelerated the development process.

As the development process has become easier, we have seen millions of applications being developed for the iPhone. Therefore, the challenge for the iOS developers nowadays is to make an app that is standardized and at the same time different from the rest of the application in the market. Now, you all may be thinking that What we can do to make our iPhone app stand out from the others? OR What are those features that we should incorporate to make our iPhone app eye-catching? Are you worried? Then don’t be so.

Today, I’m going to give you a list of 7 features that you need to incorporate into your iPhone application to make it eye-catching. So, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the action and analyze each feature one-by-one.

[1.] User-friendliness:-


If you’re a developer who is working in an iPhone App Development organization, then this tip is like a gold dust for you, without a pinch of a doubt. User-Friendliness is the key components of a successful iPhone app and therefore, as a developer, you need to make sure that, your application is the most user-friendly in the business. Sometimes what happens is that, in order to make the application stand out from the rest, the developers add a variety of features in it, which makes the app very difficult to understand for a common user. So, always make a user-friendly application.

[2.] Ability to adjust to various screen size:-

As you all know that, nowadays iPhone is coming with a big screen and therefore, the user is expecting an application that adjusts to the bigger screen size. Earlier, iPhone screen size was very small and therefore, the developers were developing the application which adjusts to that screen size, which was comparatively easy. But, after the release of iPhone 6, we have seen that Apple is now moving towards the bigger screens and that’s why, as a developer, you need to develop such an application which can adjust to big screen size with the utmost ease, without a doubt.

[3.] Higher pixel & resolution:-

If you’re a developer who is working in an iOS App Development company, then you must be knowing that nowadays, iPhones are coming with higher pixel and resolution than ever before. Therefore, as a developer, you should use the vibrant color combination in your applications. You should give importance to the enhanced graphics, higher resolution, and higher pixels while developing the iPhone apps in today’s day and age. The reason for that is, with the higher resolution and pixel, the customer will be drawn towards your app, which will bring you success.

[4.] Rich user-experience:-

In the earlier section, we have mentioned about the User-Friendliness, which means the application should be easy to use and understand, even for a layman. Now, we are talking about User-Experience (UX), which means the look and feel of your application. User-Experience is the first thing that any user will see in your iPhone application. If your User-Experience is bad, the user will immediately uninstall the application from his/her mobile, although you had the most modern feature in your app. Therefore, always give importance to User-Experience (UX).

[5.] Easy task completion-:

If you’re a developer who is working in an iPhone Application Development firm, then you would be knowing that nowadays simple is the winner as far as iPhone apps are concerned. Over the last few years, there are many mobile apps that have been developed which has uncountable features, but still, they were not successful. The reason behind there rejection was that the application requires a lot effort to complete any task, which obviously frustrated the users. Therefore, you should always develop an app which has easy task completion, without a doubt.

[6.] Enable offline experience:-

As the iOS application development has evolved over the years, there are many techniques and trends have come into the market. If you compared the way iPhone apps were built a few years with the recent development, then you will find that there is a drastic difference. Now, one thing which is common in all mobile apps is that most of them require intent access. That’s where as a developer you have the opportunity to stand out from the rest. For that what you can do is, develop an iPhone app which can run offline as well. If you do that, you will have great success.

[7.] Security assurance:-

If you’re a developer who is working in an iOS Application Development Company for a while now, then you must be knowing that today security is the biggest concern for any mobile application developer. In fact, user nowadays will check the level of security before downloading your application and therefore, as a developer, if you want your iPhone app to be eye-catching, then you have to make sure that, it is secured and there are no issues related to privacy. Only after incorporating this feature successfully in your application, you will be successful in the market.

Closing thoughts…

After reading thousands of blogs, analyzing hundreds of surveys and conducting the meeting with various mobile app development experts across the globe, I have made a list of 7 features which you need to incorporate for making an eye-catching iPhone application. I hope that, after reading this article, all your doubts related to the iPhone app will be removed and it will help you all to be aware of the features which make a great iPhone app which will eventually help you in your future iOS app development project. Thank You.!