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8 Dominating trends in Electronic Health Records Segment

8 Dominating trends in Electronic Health Records Segment

Monday October 16, 2017,

3 min Read

Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementation and usage is gradually picking up. Health IT Solutions  providers are increasingly incorporating various needs of physicians to improve the applicability of the EHR. Analysis of data gathered from healthcare facilities who have submitted information regarding usage of EHR has revealed interesting trends. This post sheds light on those EHR related trends.


#1 Increase in conformance to DHHS requirements

Department of Health and Human Services dictates the technological functionalities, security needs and capabilities to be incorporated in EHR modules. The number of vendors who have complied with these certification mandates has increased slightly.

#2 Highest popularity of EHR module

EHR edition that has been certified in 2014 is the most widely used module among healthcare facilities. The reporting pattern generated by the module definitely finds compatibility with the needs of hospitals.

#3 Cornering of EHR market by top vendors

Almost 92% of healthcare facilities use the EHR versions supplied by top 6 vendors. The vendors that rank top among the preferences of hospitals are McKesson, Meditech, Cerner, Epic, Medhost and CPSI. Healthcare consulting has been given a new direction by these vendors.

#4 Cementing of client loyalty

The top twenty EHR vendors have not experienced any major shift in the loyalties of their customers. Instead, they have consistently gained the patronage of more and more hospitals embracing the EHR technology. The vendors that have been struggling to gain clients and retain them are still not performing well.

#5 Diversification in the number of health care professionals using EHR

EHR has gained popularity among diversified spectrum of doctors. Ambulatory primary care doctors, surgeons, optometric expert, chiropractors, dentists and child specialists have also taken to the use of EHR modules. There has been a marked increase in the number of doctors who are using EHR modules.

#6 Increase in the number of vendors offering healthcare software development

Specialized companies dealing exclusive in advanced EHR modules and catering to the specific needs of the healthcare professionals have markedly increased, particularly in 2017. Healthcare software development is experiencing an upswing, which the trends indicate would continue unabated for some time.

#7 Dominance of the EHR supply by top certified vendors

EHR suppliers are many. However, the market is dominated by top few healthcare IT solutions providers. Five of the numerous vendors are in strategic partnership with the hospitals. They are catering to the needs of more than 60% of certified vendors who are directly dealing with the hospital managers for implementation.

#8 EHR products are diversifying increasingly in terms of their features

Certified EHR products are undoubtedly the most preferred versions for many physicians. However, other self-developed modules that are being introduced to market by healthcare consulting firms are also finding acceptance by doctors. The number of uncertified products being preferred by secondary level of physicians is increasing.

The trends also indicate that the types of clients have shifted dramatically for mainstream EHR companies during the past 2 years. EHR market is still growing and is yet to reach its maturity.

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