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My Million Dollar Startup Idea.

Thursday July 28, 2016,

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So you already read about the great entrepreneurs and their success stories and you always thought of doing something like them, something you're really passionate about. And you always ran out of ideas? and if you ever found yourself with ideas and you end up admitting them as a stupid one? I always found myself in such situations, and that's why I am writing this blog post to share the million dollar idea to start your startup.but before the Damn idea here's some rules that you should follow to make yourself the NEXT BIG FOUNDER.

#1 "Think So Big That People Calls You Mad." Yes if you don't have big plans you're not on the right path. According to Buddhism : "What you think you become, What you feel you attract, What you imagine you create. "

So if you're not thinking big or keeping your hopes high or not working towards them you're going to face failure, Our mind is everything it shows us the path and you always have to think big, you have to set your mind on an idea and start making your best strategy.

#2 What's success for you? Yes, what it is ?

Think twice before answering. So according to me the meaning of success is different for each and everyone, For a person success can be getting a BMW or 7 digit salary or for a person success can be getting their name on Wikipedia or creating a change. And if you don't know what's the real meaning of success for you, you're going to die as a loser.

#3 Your Idea is the only key.

Yes your idea which is stupid or you're not really going to make it happen but trust me every idea is a million-dollar idea, you don't come up with an idea and say this is a million dollar idea, you make it an idea of million dollars with your hard work so always work on ideas even when it seems stupid.

So what's my million dollar idea? Well there's no such ideas or there will be one, If ideas are not unique then ideas are not a million dollar one, Your Mind Your Hard work Your passion is the only element which will produce a million dollar idea. Forget about people who says you're shit just keep your mind on your track think big and you won't die as a loser.