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From helping companies to building my own.

Its not a rags to riches story, but that doesn't make it less interesting. From a small town rebel to corporate slave in Mumbai, and back to being the master of the game.

Friday June 03, 2016,

4 min Read

Today I am a mighty successful entrepreneur committed to my company #LegalYaar (I am married to my company) , and still hooking around with my ex (My Strategic Consultancy), with a nice house, car, bank balance, flying high to business meets,conferences, motivating people and all... but that's not how it started... There is a messy history behind the sparkling today, and I am spilling it out, loud for the first time.

Its not as terribly exciting as rags to riches story, but its more drama than KaJo's movies. Don't judge me when I say I left my house un-informed when I was barely 17, yes I did. A born rebel, I never believed in following suggestions and executing orders, the concept of spending money that is not mine m, an itch to earn my own bread was what drove me to my first summer internship where I applied for a receptionist's job but scored a BDE position in an event company (Oh what a moral boost it was). My first pay check was 6000 INR....(I still remember the joy I felt back then)

It has been a hell of a roller coaster ride, all the companies I worked with were different kinds, job profiles poles apart, the sequence of trainee, executive, Sr. Executive and the crap wasn't meant for me. I had different plans. From a job in an International call centers I acquired communication & customer service skills, next was an evangelist for an ERP company, to a BPR in a digital agency, a strategist in technology company and wohhhhhh life was thrilling and I was loving it.

And the sky broke loose

I always loved my work, and when in I did not I would simply ask for additional set of responsibilities that would help me learn more, and slowly I became a corporate slave working 18 hours a day... and one fine morning in a meeting with the CEO of my company where we were discussing the next step forward, I decided to call it quits.

Couple of business ideas I was evaluating back then along with my job, but lack of time always kept me behind and before I would take a step forward, someone else was already launching it. That sucks doesn't it.

No Job, No stable revenue generation, and 3 business ideas is not a great combination.

And I became an insomniac

Evaluating business ideas was not something new to me, but trust me giving gyaan and having others do it is way too simple than doing it yourself. Till date I helped couple of business start and make big, but when it was my turn, the questions were mine and it was only me who could answer it this time.

Putting all my strategic knowledge from 10 years of experience, I zeroed in on one business #LegalYaar, from business plan, to GoToMarket Strategy, Networking to Sales Funnels, Research to Application Architecture, it has been a fulfilling experience and when you see money rolling in your bank accounts, it's an itch for success that only grows.

Two Ts - Transformation & Takeaways

From Helping companies achieve solve their process problem, to giving them strategic solution on Sales, Client Management, Market Strategy to making my own company is an experience only entrepreneurs can relish. I guess mommy's feel the same when they bring a child in this world and nourish them...maybe - maybe not I don't know, but what I know is:

1. Success is like an itch, you score it once you will itch for it again. An itch never stops.

2. The moment you have an exit plan, you are accepting your chances of failure. I don't. Success in non negotiable.