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Actionable Cheat Sheet: Tips to Increase Your Visibility with Effective Content Marketing

To market content effectively, you need to know what your target audience loves to read and get helped with. 

Thursday September 29, 2016,

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The quantity of content that has been created in every niche is huge, but what about the lifetime? And what does that mean at all? The lifetime of the content you create is the amount of time for which it stays highly active and visible. It is when your readers interact with it maximally. Social shares, excessive backlinks, likes, it doesn’t occur all the time for content, but mostly around the time when it is published. Unfortunately, not every piece of content is evergreen and stays live in the digital world. It gets lost in the sea of content coming up every day.

But the same is not true for influencers and experts. How do they manage to keep their content alive for longer time?

Effective content marketing is the key.

Experts like Gary Vaynerchuck and many others share their insights about the types of content that are now being created. But to make the useful content reach the target audience, you need content marketing skills, plus SEO too.

The blend of White Hat SEO and content marketing helps in maintaining online presence.

Numerous bloggers knows little about content marketing as they feel they are just blogging to follow their interests. But the content they create can do much more than just presenting their voice. Several different type of content to reach out to different audience groups in their targets. Long guides, shorter blog posts, infographics, tutorials and much else, it all can be created and marketed well to grow online visibility.

With every type of content you create, you are attracting traffic to your blog and thus, prospective subscribers.

Strategic Marketing, not Excessive Marketing

Influencers that are getting success with their content and content marketing efforts follow the principle of strategic content promotion. Excessive marketing will surely push the readers to stay away from the content. They create helpful blog posts, How-to Guides regularly and promote them strategically.

The value served through their content is what takes the pivotal role to drive traffic to their blogs.

How to Use Blend of SEO and Content Marketing

So far, I’ve shared the basic insights related to content and content marketing. Here are some of the actionable quick tips you can use to create content your target audience is looking for and will love to share.

1. Serve Value that Readers Can Get Benefited From

Your content should not only present your brand or blog to the readers, but also serve them in their informational needs. Writing in-depth, long form content of around 2,000 words serves the purpose well. Obviously, you just can’t tell in detail about any subject in your niche within limit word count. There’s endless content already on the Internet. To make your content visible, you need to use SEO for your benefits.

2. Learn From the Experts

A good way to know what kind of content you create is to follow influencers and experts in your niche. You can get to know the trending subjects by looking at the popular posts in their blogs. As a deeper research, you can also consider social shares and reader’s comments to know which blog posts are well appreciated by their target readers.

Plus, you can also use white hat influencer marketing afterwards to get helped by these influencers.

3. Strategically Market Your Content Across Possible Media

Keep yourself in the reader’s hat and think: will you like to read content or follow a blogger who is excessively promotional?

If your answer is ‘No’, be careful not to become the same.

It is when the readers and target audience get served with the value you serve through your content that they come to you again willingly.

Doing this creates long term relationships between the content creator and the reader. These readers may also turn to become your future clients.

Follow this now and let me know what you find useful and valuable in this post.