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Choose an engagement ring according to its diamond cut

There are many options in diamond cuts when it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring. But when you are going to buy it for your ladylove, you need to know what diamond cut defines what. Read this article to know what each diamond cut says.

Choose an engagement ring according to its diamond cut

Thursday September 28, 2017,

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What do you think people usually keep in mind while purchasing a diamond ring, more specifically a diamond engagement ring- Quality? Weight? Color? Yes, all these things are important but what if your woman doesn’t like it for whom you’ve bought it? There comes her taste! You need to know exactly what kind of jewellery she usually likes and that directly depends on her personality.

In short, it’s crucial that you chose a diamond ring wisely (otherwise your relationship is at risk!). Given below is the diamond cut-wise description that would easily tell you which ring you should go with, for your lady. Read on.


No. 1 cut to craft classic engagement rings, round is mostly loved by the lady with traditional taste. However one of the most sought-after and commonly-used diamond cut, most of the ladies like the engagement rings made with round brilliance. Check whether your woman likes it or not and if yes, jump with joy as you’ll find a million of designs in various stores. Your time, money and energy saved!


Unlike round cut, Asscher is the most uncommon and new-age diamond cuts, preferred by the femininity with antique taste. This cut was invented in the year of 1902 and is nothing but a series of step cuts with cropped corners.


Is your lady cheery and jovial? Then princess cut is the best one. Princess cut is generally identified from the diamond which is square and has sharp corners. In princess cut too, you will find too many variations for rings. However solitaire rings are the topmost priority of all women.


Not one of the most common diamond cuts! If you think your ladylove is bold and brave plus introvert at the same time, better to go with a pear diamond engagement ring. Resembling the shape of pear fruit, this shape is not only famous for rings but also in diamond studs and pendants.


You don’t need to think but order a radiant-cut diamond engagement ring if you find the sparkle of power and authority in your fiancée. It would certainly enhance the beauty of your lady’s hands.


One more from the kitty of the rarest designs a lady should have! The shape itself with a rich historical value, Marquise is inspired from the shape of lips of the mistress of one of the most popular French Bourbon Kings. Go for a Marquise diamond engagement ring if your lady’s personality is histrionic, extrovert yet sophisticated.


As similar as the round cut, cushion cut is very famous in femininity due to its simplicity. Not only in the diamond engagement rings but also in pendants and lockets, this shape is generally found. Perfect for the delicate and chic woman, a cushion-cut ring is interesting since its maximum carat weight is held by its pavilion.


For the one who always keeps dreaming and fantasizing, an oval-cut diamond ring is an ideal choice. Apart from this, it is also seen that women with art and food as their top interests often like this elegant oval cut.


This is something everyone would like apart from the most sophisticated ladies. Nothing can be better than a heart-shaped engagement ring for a perfect proposal.

So which diamond cut do you think will go with your lady’s personality? Find out soon and order an engagement ring, now! Don’t delay!

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