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6 On-demand apps that won’t let you leave the comfort zone

6 On-demand apps that won’t let you leave the comfort zone

Monday December 04, 2017,

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Latest technology trends are empowering the luxurious lifestyle of the world. Best examples comprise the on-demand apps transforming each luxury idea into a convenient and affordable solution. Big thanks to tech-savvy companies and individuals striving for our quality and improvised life style. They have given us easy approach like On-demand apps satisfying our daily needs including hiring transportation services, beauty services, and plumbers through the smartphones.

Many of us fairly aware about these apps, the list can’t be complete without Uber app- serving as a taxi ride app. Another big one is Task Rabbit, rendering cleaning service for your apartments and builds your IKEA furniture.

As per Harvard Business Reports, the on-demand economy is fetching attraction of more than 22.4 million users annually in total spending of $57.6 billion. The major on-demand services incorporate home services, freelance services, health services, food & grocery, transportation, and many more services.

Understanding this huge On-demand app growth in market several best Mobile App Development companies extended their services and solutions to fabricating On-demand apps.

If you are an app user you must look for some of these interesting On-demand apps giving extreme comfort and a great experience to you. And if you are a dedicated developer or a firm you must aware of some of these well-doing apps in order to craft next by you which will extremely help you gain high economy in the app market.

Bringing more comfort to you for knowing these apps, here we are listing 6 renowned On-demand apps



Foodies should pay full attention here, this is a right app they are seeking so long. Deliveroo allows you to order food from the top loved restaurants around you and brings it to your door with in an average of 32 minutes. The speed is not the only thing you will be benefited, but it is cost-effective as well. You can enjoy your favorite restaurant food at your home.

The food delivery apps can really make better market revenue as the world is transforming into modern lifestyle bringing more comfort to individual lives in all aspects, including food as major of them. Many developers across the world are working on this idea of the on-demand app. The Ionic Mobile App Development is largely preferred by the developers for building such robust and hybrid on-demand applications.


TickToc is another best supplement to taxi apps and a successful and affordable alternative to Uber-like taxi app. The app renders better and improved experience to you, making you more comfortable availing the engaging app features. The flexible payment diminishes your payment headache.

The tick-tock, Uber, and Ola taxi apps proving their economic potentials and have great impacting on the market through their highest revenues. This is a markable fact from the industry perspective and firms should find it useful in order to sustain their businesses. Firms should seek latest trends to find how to make a taxi app more powerful and market compatible.

Task Rabbit

The app is based on the old-school concept of neighbors helping, TaskRabbit gets you reliable and safe help in your neighborhood. The app is an ultimate way to get your work done by providing people in your local area for any task, from setting up IKEA furniture to cleaning your oven. No worry for payment, as it is cash-free and through the app.

Thinking from market perspective this unique app idea can make better funding. Implementing latest technology developers can build a robust app with this idea. The react native for iOS development can be an effective technology for developing an iPhone app like Task Rabbit


Need a sitter for your dog? Don’t worry this app is an exact solution to your problem. This On-demand app allows you to search for dog sitters in the area to look after your precious pet while you are away on a pooch-free holiday.

Through DogVacay you will be connected with more than 60,000 dog sitters who are trusted and have five-star ratings. For maximum peace of mind, you’ll be updated with daily photos while your dogs are away, and can also leave a review afterwards.

Urban Massage

The app revolutionizing the way our users can access wellness on-demand. In the busy life, it is quite difficult to find time for relaxing yourself. 

UrbanMassage lets you get a professional level treatment and massage at your home with comfort. Just select treatment and therapist and you will find someone around within 60 minutes to cure any pain and aches. You can book a massage to your home, office or hotel at your convenience. 


Jin is another best approach for foodies and shopping lovers to get their favorite food and items from nearby supermarkets and high street stores. 

With Jinn you can receive anything you wish straight to your door in 35 mins like pizza, burgers, salads, and sushi or to cosmetics and groceries, clothes and electronics and much more. A film night DVD, hung-over McDonalds or a morning Starbucks, whatever you desire is Jinn’s command