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Boost your business with an integrated E-commerce platform with ERP Systems

E-commerce without a doubt is an entitled revolutionary change for the corporate and business around the world. I mean, just few clicks and you can place your order smoothly without even any human interaction. But, one of the ignorant factors is integrating the same with your ERP systems.

Boost your business with an integrated E-commerce platform with ERP Systems

Tuesday September 19, 2017,

5 min Read


Most of the business around the world uses the platforms like ERP systems and e-commerce on two different portals. But how about integrating eCommerce with your ERP system? It offers major advantages and profits for the business where one can easily access data related to E-commerce from their ERP system. It involves number of benefits and advantages without any human interaction at all. Lets discuss some benefits of the same:

1). Digital Self- Service: When you integrate your E-commerce platform with ERP systems, it avails the potential customers to view the stock available at the store along with purchase history of the item they prefer. In addition to the same, Magneto integration  can also track their shipping with the reference numbers provided to them at the time of purchase. Such a platform helps the customers to avail better and smarter experience which reduces their cost of operations as well. Such a benefit helps the customers to trust the credibility of the business as well.

2). Reduction in the cost of Inventory: With the help of technology, the entire web sales of a particular product can be processed and examined on the ERP system. The inventory is further updated on the ERP systems after the realization of web transactions which keeps the inventory to be updates at every second of next purchase which helps in reducing the inventory cost. This way merchandise can plan their purchase ultimately enjoying lesser inventory cost on their accounting files.

3). Finances become easier: Well the fact is not hidden that financial reports which are based on sales that be easily generates with e-commerce platform. But when you integrate such a platform with your Magento ERP development, you can also generate some financial statements like Balance sheet, P/L sheet, cash flow and trial balance. Such a sector is beneficial is proving the transparency in the business. So basically, it becomes easier for the merchandise to understand figure out their numbers in terms of profits, loss as well as costing. Otherwise, generating balance sheets and cash flows becomes really time consuming job to handle.

4). Speedy cycle: now compare the cycle of fulfillment through ERP systems with human resource involvement. When you buy a product from a retail store, the number of subjects in the procedure is way too much. First, you select the product, then you will find people to assist you with sizes and then you will spend time on the long queue and what not. But with integrated ERP systems on e-commerce platform, your engagement with Human resource is lesser. In fact, once the order is placed, the back office of ERP user will instantly help you in tracking your order. It’s that simple! The fulfillment cycle of the purchase is reduced and comparatively simpler.

5). Less or No redundancy and data error: So consider an example when your e-commerce platform is not integrated with ERP system. So when the system reflects a purchase from a customer, you might have to update the information of the web order, payment and information detail regarding shipment on your ERP system manually. When you update the same manually, you might introduce data errors and redundancy as well. And well, the same is true for uploading the update information manually regarding web sales order from ERP system to the ecommerce platform. But when you integrate both the platforms, you reduce data errors and redundancies on one go!

6). Customer Satisfaction: Now, when we talk about this segment, we are the soul proof fo such a segment. When we order a product online, and at the same time when we can find information on the inventory of the same, availability of the same along with tracking details, we intend to believe the platform, isn’t it? So when you find a platform where e-commerce and ERP systems are integrated, you will find many your experience to be more satisfactory than any other platform. In fact, such functionality also reduces operational hassle for the merchandise as well as for the customer too.

7). Business is under control: When you find the track record of every purchase from your platform on an electronic system, you will be reducing lot of financial errors further. This means, that when e-commerce platform and ERP systems are integrated, it helps in controlling the business operations properly. In fact, such an introduction of integration will help you win the competitive advantage as compared to other platforms that doesn’t have an integrated system. You will enjoy better profitability and hassle free accounting of your business.

And why am I supporting such a platform is because of the fact that I have seen changes in front of my eyes. My friend owns an e-commerce company of jewels where he has introduced integrated platform with ERP systems. He is able to handle the accounts and finances of the company in a much easier way. He doesn’t have to go through duplicate data entry again and again. Everything is just updated on its own. So if you are planning to switch to a digital platform and introduce your business to the world of e-commerce, well don’t forget the integration of the same with your ERP systems.

Remember, a business is suppose to make you happy and satisfied with better results and profits. So what’s the point of introducing so much hassle in your business? Introduce a digital technology in your business and enjoy the comfort hat you always wanted to. The competition is increasing, and thus it is vital to stand strong and unique than other merchandise. And with the help of integrated e-commerce platform with ERP system, you can realize better productivity and profits at the end! Because what matters is how effective your business is: for you as well as for the customers!