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Top 8 SEO Basics for small Business Website

Wrapping my words for the endless topic here we touch, A business website is necessary for expanding your business heights.

Top 8 SEO Basics for small Business Website

Wednesday November 01, 2017,

5 min Read


Present-time the number of Google searcher has been increased dramatically. A search with a particular query and the results are so crucial when appears on the search engine result page. One must curious to know about what is happening with the search results. Why are people so busy with Google search? What are they looking for benefits to them? Is the Google help you out to get business benefit through the use of it? A very small business firms can have large scale business opportunities using the Search Engine Optimization which known as SEO.

Your business website represents your business but without SEO it is just nothing to be considered by the viewers. A cost for the advertisement is very less compare to advertise on news and television. It effects for long-term and never expires if you do take care properly like pouring a beautiful plant.

SEO is equal for large or small business website. SEO benefits affect both large and the small business website.

Points to be eye-on that focus on basics of SEO


Use semantic headings to quickly communicate the contents of each section of a page (and structure these in h1, h2, h3) A heading must be attractive and proper which relates to content. A user must redirect once you wrote a proper eye-catching heading that leads them to continue to visit your website.

Page content/layout:

A page layout is must have very precisely decorated with the use of User Interface that holds the visitor on site. As the same proper SEO will force Google or another search engine to get on top rank by the search engine itself. For that, you must go with on-page SEO development. A search engine will never ignore your web content once you have done very properly worked on it.

Each page should have a clearly defined target keyword group, and the copy on the page should be about that — it needs to be unique, well-written, interesting, and (ideally) engaging. Always write for users, not search engines. Drop long paragraphs in favor of short points that will communicate your message quickly and effectively. Create well-designed page layouts. User experience is a bit game maker — not only for SEO but sales too.

XML Sitemap

It is easier for Search Engine to crawl your website with the use of a sitemap.xml file. It is necessary if your website is large that matters if you use sitemap.xml file.

URL Structure

The targeted keyword should be used in URL. A URL title is must be descriptive which elaborate the content which is related to the search is being done by the user. A URL should be SEO-friendly. The user will navigate to the website once they found interesting URL on SERP page that brings user trust towards your website.

It will help with search engine relevancy and along with the auto-anchor text creation when copied and pasted as links in blogs, or other online sites.

Image Optimization

The image is must be readable by the search engine. How would it be possible to read by the search engine? The alt tag will make possible to read the text of the image given in the alt tag.

Mobile Friendliness

How would one know that the website is mobile friendly? A website behaves responsive once it accesses in any device like smartphone or tablet. Google gives the highest priority for a responsive website to get top rank. A responsive website will reduce the bounce rate of the website. A responsive website will force the users to stay little time.

Google Business Listing

A map is providing a service to find the desired place. Like ATM, Restaurant etc. If you are not having placed at Google with your service then you lose the benefit of the same. A business listing will be beneficial for the local searchers to find you on the area availability. If your given address is available on the Google business list that makes easier for the user to reach you.

Social Media platforms

The social media will improve your communication towards the client locally and globally. Using social media platform, you keep in touch with each other for a long time. Social media became an easier way for networking. The most popular social media use by the people are; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. You can get customer review from the social media platform that much benefit to your business.


Wrapping my words for the endless topic here we touch, A business website is necessary for expanding your business heights. You will have a good amount of trust from the customer to be available 24*7*365. It is necessary to have a business website as compared to have business product quality. SEO for a small business website is just as important as the quality of the product.

About Author :

Dimitris Papoutsis is the owner of the Synergic Software as well as he loves to write a blogs, article and web content, other interests are storyteller and enterpreneur.