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How did we get sold out our event in 24 hours?

We are doing startup events for past 3 years and every event got sold in few days. How did we make it happen?

Monday November 28, 2016,

2 min Read

We all know that selling your event is always a hassle and need multiple channels to distribute content. But, if you do it right then you can make it happen in just 24 hours. There are various ways to promote your event, so here are some that can help plan better to spread a word about your event and get sold out.

Niche Audience : You should know your event category very specifically. Find out your niche audience and target them only not everyone. In our case, early stage startups were our audience.

Mailers : E-mailers will never go out of fashion, please do it right and never spam your audience. We got so many offers from different organizations to promote their products/services but we have never spammed our users. So this made our users loyal to us.

E-mailer Subject : "A picture is worth a thousand words". Similarly it is true for e-mailer subject. Your subject should create a picture what excites your audience and something which is familiar to them . In our case, startups were getting the chance to interact with investors and most of the events are happening at renowned companies like Amazon or co-working spaces which are very familiar to them. So here we go "Pitch to Investors | Startup Meet Delhi @ Amazon"

E-mailer Content : Content is king so use it very wisely and avoid pictures as 70% + users are on mobile. Here as our e-mailer content flowed: "Two liners about the event followed by the benefits for the participants in pointers and ending it with past success stories and a strong message."

Facebook Groups: Find out the relevant groups and join them. Post one liner along with event URL and never spam them otherwise your account will be blocked by the admin or users will never care about your content.

So here I conclude, these two channels were worked for us. Find yours and follow them.