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Innovation has changed the way people buy and sell used cars

CarSangrah is providing reliable and hassle free way to buy used cars.

Innovation has changed the way people buy and sell used cars

Wednesday December 21, 2016,

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Used car market in India is still highly unorganized sector. There are many players in the market including online (i.e. cartrade and carwale etc. ), offline (first choice, true value etc.) and local dealers. But, It is still very difficult to buy a used car online in India.

People need to surf all the websites for a good second hand car within their budget then call the sellers for further enquiry. Then visit the seller for test drive. After that negotiation takes place. There are lot of other hassles like car condition, paper transfer etc. It takes more than one month to complete the process of buying a used car.

Some people even prefer to buy from reliable source such as maruti true value to get peace of mind by paying extra price of the car. This also doesn't give surety that the car is genuine.

One of my friend purchased a car from a maruti true value for a higher price because it is properly tested and a verified car. After few days, it started giving trouble while driving. So, he went again to the same garage for repair and paid its repair charges. But, problem came back again. Now, he decided to resale the car and get a new car. So, he went to the same garage to sell that car. He was surprised to know that the garage persons refused to purchase the car because it is accidental car. There is a lot of fraud is going on. They sold an accidental car to customer by telling it as certified car and at the time of purchasing declined to purchase it back.

Keeping these irregularities in mind, CarSangrah has introduced a new and innovative way to buy used cars. Presently it is operating in Delhi and NCR only and has plans to expand to other cities soon. CarSangrah is giving priority to buyer only by imposing strict terms and conditions to the sellers. Seller takes all the responsibility of the car. Seller will have to take the car back if buyer finds some details are not as mentioned in the website. Buyer will get all his money back. This way, buyer gets 100% reliable used car.

Visit the website at CarSangrah.com