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Swift vs. Objective-C: Rigorous analysis on which to choose for your project

Wednesday November 01, 2017,

5 min Read

Swift is a programming language which was introduced by Apple at worldwide developers conference 2014 and later in 2015, it was announced as an open source. IBM and Apple both begin investing in it soon after the language came into existence as an open source. Swift supports different platforms of operating system software such as iOS, tvOS, OSX, watchOS and Linux. Passing the Objective-C, Swift reached at the top of the trending list after realizing its two major versions i.e. Swift 2.0 and swift 3.0 in September 2015 and September 2016 respectively.

Swift turned out to be a successful release as it got the required trust and support from the people and more importantly it was designed well with a solidly built structure.

Let’s know more about why companies need to adopt Swift over Objective-C. Here are 7 reasons you should know:

1. It is a fastest growing open source language: As it is an open source language, it is easy to access and at the same time it is relatively less costly for the companies. According to the different surveys, open source language and software help the startup owner to save millions of dollars annually. Development of native iOS apps was under the control of Objective-C until 2014, in spite of that, Swift with its more advanced techniques ended that era. Here is the quick look of the growth rate.

2. Less time consuming with easy coding: The main motive of every company is to deliver the maximum number of quality products in short period of time, Swift can be the handy option to achieve those targets. With the support of Swift packages, developers working on the apps can try to team up with other packages and work jointly for the better hold on logic, and use those packages to quickly construct the apps in such a way that it can save some time. There is also a various number of central storage systems of Swift packages such as, IBM Swift package, which can offer high-end management and comparatively easy coding.

3. Fewer bugs prone coding: Swift is a functional language, thus, the functions that go pass as variables are supported by this open source language and because of that, the developer produce such a highly generic code which not only reduce the repetitions and the required effort but also do many other amazing things. On the other side, when the developer uses the null optional variable, Swift without wasting any time activates the run-time crash. That crash works on the process of fixing the bugs. This way Swift can easily allow you to fix the errors right there on the spot and the complete process help the developer to finish all the development work way before the time taken by many other languages.

4. Lot safer and less maintenance required: When it comes to the mobile apps, safety is one of the most crucial parts of the development process. To compete with the other available options in the market it is very important to develop a secure app. And if the application required less maintenance then it is a big add-on. The best thing about Swift is that it can fulfill both the requirements.

5. Hirings of developers are less costly: When it comes to the hiring process for the development of native apps, companies are left with two choices i.e Swift and Objective-C. In a recently held survey, it was very clearly visible that the Objective-C developers  get the higher payment as compared to the swift developers. Let's have brief look at the list:

Therefore, to save the cost of the development process Swift developers are always a better option to consider over Objective-C

6. Swift is the future: Swift is a very well structured and a very well organized open source programming language introduced by the Apple. If we compare Swift with the Objective-C it is much faster, requires less management of memory and can be very expressive when it comes to code without using the language. And that is what makes it a trusted contender amongst the other competitors in the market.

7. The love of the developers: The roots of any programming and the development processes are none other than the developers themselves. Apart from using the latest technologies with the much-needed focus, they make sure that the entire process of building an amazing app should be a fun task keeping in mind that their skills should also be reflected in their work. In a survey held in 2016, people found out that Swift is one of the finest languages which is loved by the developers after it received a huge amount of votes from them.


To match up with the competitors in the market it will be a major step by the companies to switch to a completely new programming language. But at the same time if the developers working in your company are using Objective-C language, then it will not be entirely a new experience for them to go with Swift.