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The market for used tires is going up, but don't get drifted away

Many car owners search for second hand  tires for in order to cut their car maintenance expenses 

The market for used tires is going up, but don't get drifted away

Monday March 05, 2018,

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The sale of second-hand tires is a booming booming business and generates about 10% of the total sale of tires. As much as tire sale saves money, the main question is whether the tires are safe and will last for a reasonable period of time. Most reputable tire dealers such as Tirebuyer.com don't deal in second-hand tires.

In which cases is it a good deal to buy used tires?

a.) When buying from reputable 2nd hand tire sale dealers that will even provide a guaranty that the tires are in a good condition.

b.) When buying from cars that have been towed or cars that are involved in accidents but still have almost new tires.

c.) When you have a tire expert who will check and ascertain that the tires are in a good condition.

Which are the risks? What should you look for on a used tire before buying it?

It is usually a big risk buying used tires because they only have one pro. They are cheap, the cons out do the pros. At times the risk is worth it as you can get almost new tires at a fair price, otherwise, the use of a tirebuyer discount coupon is recommended. 

The question is what should you look for on a used tire before buying it:

a.) Tread depth: The tire treads should not be worn down to 2/32 inches. If you notice the tire treads are worn out to almost 2/32 inch you shouldn't purchase them. A simple way to check the tread depth is by placing a penny in between the treads and if you can see all of Abraham Lincoln's head that means the treads are worn out.

b.) Learn about the tires age: This information can be found on the tire's sidewall. It is the four digit's that are after the DOT. For example 3309, the first two numbers represent the week of manufacture and the last two are the year of manufacture. So, in this case, the tire was manufactured on the 33rd week of the year 2009. Tires that have been frequently used during a period of six years are usually dry and their rubber has started to break down.

c.) Uneven wear: You should check if the tire has any uneven wear. Uneven wear shows that the tires might have been over or under inflated, poor wheel balancing and much more. Uneven wear leads to exposure of cords and subsequently cause damage to the tire leading to tire collapse.

d.) Ask about the tires past: The type of car the tires were used on, the weather conditions, the repairs the tire has encountered and also the storage conditions they were stored if they haven't been used for a long period. These small details influence the tire's condition.

e.) Improper repairs, beads and sidewall details, mind UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) code among much more.

Finally, second-hand tires could be a solution for cars you don't use almost at all. For example, an old truck in your ranch. Anyway, spiqy offers a few promo codes for tirebuyer.com. A typical tirebuyer coupon gives a 10% discount.

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