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Six things to consider when renting a shared office space

Friday May 12, 2017,

4 min Read

Just got your big startup idea? Expanding your existing business? Signed a big deal? Congratulations to you! What next, you ask? Your very own office space, of course! But before considering on renting an expensive private office space, why not try shared office spaces? With low overheads, high-class amenities with no worry about housekeeping, internet or parking, choose a shared working space without thinking twice and make sure you choose the right one for you and your team.

1. COST:

One of the main reasons why an entrepreneur chooses a shared office space over renting his very own place is definitely because of lower overheads. Firstly, have a clear idea of what you or your team requires (if you have a team). Is it only a desk you want or you want an entire furnished office space? Are you okay with co-working or do you want one separate cubicle? Get quotations based on your requirement and then decide. Also, make sure the place you rent has no hidden costs because that very thing can kill your business. Along with this aspect, be sure to look at monthly renting or any particular package that can suit your budget.


The next big detail to look into is the location of the office – it needs to be in the heart of the city close to your clients and preferred contacts. The location not only makes your life easier, but also the lives of people meeting you to discuss business.


Most providers offer services based on your package. If you are renting only a conference meeting room for an hour or two, then the amenities offered in your package will certainly be a little less than the ones provided to companies who rent an entire shared office space. The various facilities can include – a good desk space, conference room, Wi-Fi with uninterrupted internet and an in-house IT support, kitchen, lounge, whiteboard/projector, 24-hour access, mail forwarding, call attending, mailbox and much more.

While the facilities may be many, what is more important is to ensure that the look and feel of the office is professional, well-lighted and positive. it contemporary light fixtures or walls painted with creative quotes, it all adds to the appearance.


The office space you rent needs to have a 24×7 in and out facility. This will also make it easy for you when you require extra desks or if your business takes off another entire space! The flexibility of office timing and convenience is the most important aspect you should take into consideration to avoid any future hassles.


If you have an idea of how long you are going to stay put, good for you. But if you are a brand new startup, then this data is, unfortunately, unavailable. So make sure you talk about how long or short your lease is. This depends on two things – your negotiating skills and the current market. If both are favorable to you, opt for space with a shorter lease.


Who you are sharing your space with is very important for your team and your company’s performance. s it going to be a bunch of young, bubbling with energy youngsters or is it going to be with serious businessmen?

While these are some of the things you should look into before opting for a shared office space, do not neglect tiny yet vital details like parking, cafeteria and of course, your teams’ feedback. While renting the right fully-furnished shared office space requires a lot of patience and exploring, it all pays off when you finally settle for the ideal space that caters to all your business requirements to help you scale up.

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