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YouTube SEO Guide: A Comprehensive DIY Guide for Beginners

DIY Guide for YouTube SEO: - Learn How to Do YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO Guide: A Comprehensive DIY Guide for Beginners

Thursday November 23, 2017,

5 min Read

Friends, Today I am going to give a presentation about YouTube SEO Guide. In this Presentation, I will explain step by step, Why and how to promote your YouTube video.

Why YouTube Video Optimization is necessary?

As we all know YouTube is second largest search engine after Google followed by Yahoo and Bing. Means via a well optimized YouTube video you can get more organic traffic, leads and sales. “According to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, more than 1 billion hours of content are consumed on the platform every single day as of March 2017”.

According to latest research by Brightcove:

1. Three quarters (74%) of consumers say there is a connection between watching a video on social media and their purchasing decision-making process.
2. Eight in ten (79%) agree that video is the easiest way to get to know a brand online
3. Half of social video views take place on YouTube, a third on Facebook (36%) and the remaining 14% is divided between social networks like Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram

Here is Step by Step Guide for YouTube SEO:-

1. Keyword Research: Keyword Research is the natural part of YouTube SEO. Before creating a video one should have the right keywords for it. Generally you will find the good rankings on YouTube and Google for following types of keywords:

1. How To Type Keywords

2. Detailed Review of any product or service

3. Animations

4. Do It Your Self (DIYs)

Here are the few tactics you can use for the keyword research:-

1. YouTube auto suggestions: - Let’s say you want to find keywords related to scrapbooks. Type Scrapbook On YouTube’s search box and see what comes up:


YouTube will auto suggest you the keywords which have most searches on YouTube. Use this method again and again and create a big list of keywords.

2. Use the Traditional Keyword Research Tools: - After having a big list of keywords you need to filter those keywords which have good searches on Google and YouTube. There are lots of tools available for the keyword research such as Google Keyword planner, SemRush, SEOProfiler and Moz etc. an example of Google Keyword planner is:


After having a list of final keywords you should use keywords in the script of Video.

2. Watch Time: - The amount of time that has been spent by a viewer to watch videos is called Watch Time. YouTube consider Watch time of a video as an important factor for rankings. Video should be enjoyable, user engagement should be there.

3. Video File Name: - While uploading a video to YouTube channel, remember the file name of video, you should consider the main keyword of the Video. For Example if “How to Create Scrapbook for birthday” is the main keyword for Video, then the file name can be "How to create Scrapbook for birthday.mp4"

4. Create Descriptive and accurate Title and Thumbnails: - The thumbnail and title gives the viewer a chance to know what the video is all about. They are one of the first thing which is considered by the Viewers. Here is an example of Title and Thumbnail:


Here are few tips to optimize title and thumbnail for YouTube SEO:

1. Use captivating title that should represent accurate content of the video.

2. Create Thumbnail that should represent the accurate content of the video.

3. Avoid Misleading, shocking, disgusting, gratuitous violence, indecent and Loud Title and Thumbnail.

5. Description: - The Description of your video is very important because it is not possible for Google and Youtube to listen the videos. Description tells what the video is all about.


The few basic guidelines to write the correct description are as follows for YouTube SEO:

1. I recommend the length should be 225+ words of the description.

2. Include the link in first 25 words to maximize the CTR.

3. Include the targeted keyword in first 50 words of the description.

4. Include Keywords 3-4 times in the description content.

5. Description should be attention grabbing to maximize the CTR.

6. Include the links of your social profiles.

6. Use Tags smartly: - If you use Tags smartly, it can help generate more views for your video. Here is an example of few tags for a video about “How to make a birthday scrapbook”

1. Phrases Tags:-

How to make a birthday scrapbook

Guide for birthday scrapbook

Tutorial for birthday scrapbook

2. Single word tags:





3. Broad term tags:


Birthday scrapbook

7. Transcript: - according to a case study of 3playmedia Transcription of a video boost SEO, It helps to increase user engagement. It also enables deaf people to understand the video. And it helps to generate in new inbound traffic. Here is an example of transcript video.


8. Enable Comments: - Engagement with the audience is very important. Engagement can be done via enabling comments, subscriptions and thumbs-ups.

9. Publicize your video: - you can publicize your video on various social networks. You can link your YouTube channel in as many places such as blogs, magazines and websites. Embedding your video to blogs, websites and magazines will boost its SEO.

10. Allow embedding: - You can allow embedding so that other people can distribute your video and channel.

11. Share Video on Q&A sites such as Quora: - embed your video to Q&A sites such as Quora. It helps to generate referral traffic to your video. Which means views and subscribers will also increase.

I hope this YouTube SEO guide will help you to rank your video on YouTube as well as on Google. If you have any suggestions please share your comments.