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Making Your First Million In Eleven Months

Friday February 10, 2017,

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Making Your First Million in Eleven Months

February is here and New Year’s resolutions are fading as reality slowly sets in. You probably were pumped up on New Year’s Eve and you made some bold declarations like earning millions of dollars before the year ends or starting a multi-million dollar business. The reality is that your 9 to 5 work schedule is sucking the most energetic time of your day. But do not quit your job just yet. I have being researching and applying the surest ways anyone can make millions within a year without being a twin born by Beyoncé and Jay Z and even without having Rockefeller as your last name (as many people have...on Facebook). The first step to making millions is to be open for business, not by opening a shop but to open your mind and heart to new ideas and opportunities. To be open for business is to be ‘hungry’. I abbreviate my 4 ways to wealth as T.S.T.S.

1. Technology: Isn’t it amazing that Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube when a video of him singing Chris Brown’s song went viral and isn’t it even more amazing that Shawn Mendes was discovered on Vine when a video of him singing a Justin Bieber song went viral. (Want my advice? Post a live-stream video of yourself singing a Shawn Mendes song on Facebook’s new TV app or something). No, but seriously I can’t tell you the hundreds of celebrities who got their start from the internet including Bethany Motta and Becky G. You no longer have to be a Disney child star in order to promote your brand, put your work out there on the internet and you never know who might refer you to whom. Most compliments you will receive in this age may come with “I saw it on the internet”. Maybe stardom is not for you, learn to code. I don’t think coding is a talent, I think it is a passion. Personally, I am always electrified when I read news about how 19year olds are selling their mobile apps for millions of dollars. Launch a tech startup, if you can’t code, attend a business or coding workshop and find teammates who can or just outsource the coding part. Don’t wait for funding to find you, pitch to investors.

2. Support: You know the famous saying; “If you cannot beat them, join them” but I say “if you cannot ‘be’ them, join (support) them.” Some of us may never be the next Justin Bieber or the next Mark Zuckerberg but we can be the Scooter Braun or the Dustin Moskovitz who discovers, supports or funds the next big thing. Try being a talent scout or talent manager. You don’t have to look so hard for talents, the kid in your neighborhood who is exceptional at sports, the tough and outspoken little girl in your neighborhood can make a great actress, you probably have a friend who is too good at a sport or even singing, upload their art on the internet, or pay for them to register for auditions, if they turn out to be that good, you get a percentage of their income and even their fame.

3. Sales: If you are not selling anything at all, then you are not in business, you may either be in debt or in philanthropy. Everyone has something to sell, a product or service. I teach everyday people how to invest in the stock market. If you want to sell a service, sell something people need though they might not know they do. You don’t need to be a sales executive for a behemoth company; you just need to find a niche market and what they are not getting enough of. You can be a consultant and sell your services. Consultants read what others won’t read so they can explain it to them for a fee. You can simply be a middleman between sellers looking for buyers and the buyers. There is eBay and increasing number of online marketplaces, just ‘buy lower and sell low’. I know people who have built careers from knowledge or reputations that academic certifications didn’t fetch them. Careers like; love architects, choice architects, pickup artists, Gen Z consultants are making people rich. Have you read about how top products like Coca Cola started out? From a garage.

4. Talent: No one is talentless, your talent may not be in the Olympic Games yet, it doesn’t mean it is not in you yet. People limit talent to music, acting and sports. I am guessing you are a poet who feels this talent doesn’t pay. Well, if you can write poetry, you can be a song writer, spoken word artist or author. You may be blessed with creative imaginations, start monetizing with it. Look for something you can do so well even when you have not rehearsed. Something you can do all-day for free, send your videos to talent scouts, post on social media and YouTube.

If you are worried about what others might think, then you are not opened for business.