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Tips for buying garage utility cabinets

Tips for buying garage utility cabinets

Monday September 25, 2017,

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When it comes to buying garage utility cabinets, the good news and the bad news are both the same: You have a lot of choices. You can go with specially designed melamine garage cabinets. You can instead search yard sales for cheap garage cabinets. And you can go anywhere in between.

The key to finding the right garage utility cabinets for you is to first look at how you use your garage. Does your garage merely serve as a storage space for your car, tools, gardening equipment and outdoor furniture? If so, cheap garage cabinets might be perfect. They won’t dent your budget. They’re not the sturdiest or best made cabinets, but they don’t have to be.

Do you use your garage as a workshop? Then you might need to invest in higher quality steel cabinets. These are far more durable, and they’re able to withstand the dings and bumps that workshop garages can dish out. Some of the more popular brands of metal garage utility cabinets include Coleman, Husky and Craftsman.


Do you often hold summer gatherings in your garage? Maybe you often invite the neighbors over to watch NASCAR or the SuperBowl in your garage. If so, you might consider either high-quality plywood cabinets or modular units. Plywood cabinets have a nice warm look to them. They simply are pleasing to the eye. Consider investigating a plywood cabinet made by Ameriwood Multi-Purpose Cabinets.

Modular units, such as those sold by Hercke, are simple to install and also quite aesthetically pleasing. They also allow owners some leeway: They can arrange the cabinets however they work best for their garage space.

If you’re looking for an upper-end look, you might consider investing a bit of extra money in custom made melamine garage cabinets. Melamine is a surface specially designed to resist scratches, dings and bumps. It also doesn’t smudge easily, making it the perfect surface for garage cabinets.