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Why emotional intelligence is important for your success

Studies show that happiness is directly associated with  success

Why emotional intelligence is important for your success

Monday November 13, 2017,

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Ever wondered what Emotional Intelligence is? Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions of oneself and also the ability to influence emotions of others.


In a more practical sense, this means awareness of one's emotions that can affect people positively or negatively, and learning to manage emotions for personal advantage and also for others.

International experts have conducted many studies that show how people lives are changed for the better with bringing organizational success and also individual’s success through Emotional Intelligence

In the current times, we are under a constant pressure and that is in an increasing trend. Studies suggest that more and more people are experiencing challenges in creating a natural balance between work and family life that is being a pattern especially among millennials which inflicts a major role on our level of quality and joy of life.

This is where Emotional Intelligence comes into picture and can greatly change your work life and career, says one article published by University of Florida

People vary with different personalities and also emotions, which can affect the way they work. Emotional intelligence helps to best manage emotions for better productivity

Emotional intelligence can be seen in everyday decision makers, for example in recruiting new employees and promoting employees. Recruiters look for the emotional intelligence of current and future employees to determine leadership potential. 

It is true that just having the right academic background, experience and certificates may not necessarily help you grow up the corporate ladder. Emotional intelligence can be the key to an individuals growth. Studies show that Employers tend to hire emotionally intelligent managers as they show a better performance overall from developing the teams who are happier and more productive in their work, and more likely to stay in their positions with cutting down on attrition costs for the company

I had the opportunity to speak to Per Poulsen, an expert consultant and coach on Emotional Intelligence.  Per is the founder and Chief Executive of HUMI and Indumind.

“We all need to feel that we are successful. The higher the quest for experiencing success the higher the personal pressure to succeed. The results are frightening. A significant increase in work absence is occurring all over the world - with diagnoses such as anxiety, stress and depression.”

The sole purpose of developing and strengthening our Emotional Intelligence is crucial because it directly influences our quality and joy of life. This leads to lower work absence, greater job satisfaction and strengthening the individual, the organization, and society as a whole

“As Emotional Intelligence clearly is on track to become the most important human competence in the coming future - we have the opportunity today – at precisely this moment, to bring this competence into play - helping hundreds or thousands of people,” says Per when we sat down for an interview in Odense, Denmark 

Companies must train its people with Emotional Intelligence conducting workshops and need to have it in the vision itself - to create success for its people (employees) through satisfaction which is quite absent in the current job market of India.  The quality and joy of life will certainly increase where people, organizations, and society as a whole experience confidence, feels strong and successful, in a world of constant change.

Perhaps, that might be one reason why Denmark has always stayed on the top in the list of happiest countries in the world, consistently!