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A business survival is essential for beginning after that what follows…

Tips for the survival of the business

A business survival is essential for beginning after that what follows…

Friday August 30, 2019,

4 min Read

A business survival is essential for beginning after that what follows…

We always hear one statement that entrepreneurship and startup are not for the faint hearted. The major factor is the level of uncertainty and which can bring the breakdowns of both mental and physical strength of the founder.

Role of Entrepreneur

Being an authority you are more towards yourself and the driving various revenue generation methods. 

There are few things which we learn as an entrepreneur.

Here are some of the great things which are taught when you are a founder:

  1. You are sane and not lunatic

Lunacity is when you don’t try 

When you decide to become an entrepreneur then you are leaving your high paying job and comfort job to  go to a burning furnace of struggle. One more thing which I have seen that it is not more knowledge which makes you successful but it is a strong mind and control over emotions which makes you successful. It is more about learning quality not quantity. There are varied examples of famous personalities, but I have learnt from Bill Gates, start early. He started working at the age of 13 with computers,and it is said that when you initiate something early then your whole life revolves around it. And to be successful, it is important to take risks.Moreover, leader cannot be static, he should be continuously evolving. 

       2. Team Building - A valuable lesson from Bill Gates

          You are not you are, without your team

     Always remember, your committed employees are real treasure. While hiring some key attributes should be kept in mind like the sustainability of the employee. It is mainly seen by the years spent in the organisation. Apart from this one needs to have occasional team building activities. It initiates communication and builds collaboration. A small example of this, have you seen a colony of red ants, they work in teams as they are aware that single ant cannot perform but with the team, they can work wonders. They help each other to achieve goals. So, team building is one of the key pointers to be learned as an entrepreneur. 

A lesson from Leader Himself - Bill Gates 

A more in-depth and valuable example on team building from Bill Gates is that one needs to have people of more ethnicities, genders and backgrounds. This will enable you to fight off the various high-pressure situations. It is always recommended to hire the “culture fit”. It is a long-standing tradition in the tech world as it helps peers to gel quickly and squabble less. Moreover, if we see squabble as a danger, it is not. Believe me. Bickering is. Squabbling helps in evolving the creativeness and addition of the innovative friction, in most ingenious ways. The main motto of hiring an employee is to articulate the organisation's vision, and not for off work beers. And you can vouchsafe on me, sometimes it is better to hire people who are opposite to you and they build a perfect balance of powers and creativity. 

3. Creativity enhanced equipped with Courage 

Elevate the level of solution building by concentration and calmness 

We always read that Buddha says to keep calm, but have we ever thought that why it is important to be calm and composed. Because it helps us to create best possible solution amidst crowd. 

One of the biggest traits of the leaders are to face the trouble or reality head on. Just ditch your rose coloured glasses and face the reality. The successful startups hype we see, but what about the failed ones. Keep the reality check in the kitty and it is always essential to perform all the testing before plunging into the startup.

How Thinking plays Important Role 

One should involve cognitive and spontaneous thinking. In the first stage, our brain is gathering information and being an entrepreneur of founder, one needs to go out of the box to solve the problem or situation. Lessons learnt from Mahatma Gandhi of compassion gives a complete lead to the right path. It is important to read biographies from time to time which enhances our mental strength and problem solving abilities. 

Here are a few of the key aspects which are seen by me and articulated accordingly and  that I have seen that it is part of the strategy for growth on personal and professional level as well. 

This article is curated by Mr.Neeraj Chopra who is an avid reader and ecommerce enthusiastic and founder of Apparelsnyou.