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New ways to care: 4 healthcare careers that are on the rise

Medicine is one of the most respected professional fields. It's also one of the most complex ones. The human body has a whole variety of organs with different functions, and patients fall under different demographics that require specific care for each case. The more we learn about healthcare, the more important specialized fields become. Here are four healthcare careers that are on the rise.

New ways to care: 4 healthcare careers that are on the rise

Thursday August 03, 2017,

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Dental Assistant

Hopefully, you make your bi-annual dental check-up. There's a good chance you are, as demand for dental assistants is on the rise. They might not perform root canals or extract teeth, but dental assistants are vitally important for procedures that ensure a patient is giving their teeth proper consideration. As a dental assistant, you will give a dentist a significant amount of relief.


Respiratory Therapy

Take a deep breath in and out. Hopefully, that was easy. If not, you might want to enlist the help of a respiratory therapist. Lung issues like pulmonary disease are dealt with extensively by respiratory therapists. With the need to breathe being vital in order to enjoy a healthy and sustainable life, it's vitally important that there are medical professionals who understand all the nuances of how our body brings oxygen in and subsequently releases it.

Home Health Aide

As people grow older, their bodies can't perform as well as they used to. While many senior citizens go to live in nursing homes, others are able to live mostly independent, but require some assistance for certain duties. This is what a home health aide is for. As a home health aide, you can make a huge difference in an older or otherwise incapacitated person's life, as you assist them throughout the day, while allowing them to maintain their overall dignity.


For centuries, nurses have been the unsung heroes of hospitals and doctors' offices, having to deal with a whole host of duties to ensure the well-being of patients. The perception of nurses' importance in the medical field seems to be growing, as more and more people are showing an interest in that particular career field. Becoming a licensed nurse is a matter of understanding not only the physical health of a patient but also their mental and emotional health.

Even if you’re already involved in nursing you can still continue to move your career forward by pursuing an advanced degree. Nowadays you can find BSN to MSN programs online, so it’s easier than ever before to achieve.

These are not all of the healthcare careers that are on the rise, but they are a good sample. If you want to make a difference in the lives of countless amounts of people, a career in healthcare might be perfect for you.