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Best time to visit Istanbul – Your complete travel guide

Monday August 28, 2017,

2 min Read

Istanbul has a typical Mediterranean climate with cold winters and hot summers, as well as little bit of snowfall during the year. Spring and autumn are the peak seasons to visit Istanbul. During this season it's very tough to book hotels in Istanbul.

Here’s a complete month-on-month guide for the best time to visit Istanbul:

December to Mid-March, Winter Time: This is the coolest season in Istanbul, after the autumn season. If you're looking to avoid huge crowds, this is the good time to visit Istanbul when the temperatures tend to be cold, rainy and snowy. Since this is an off-season, tourists can enjoy their vacation with fewer crowds around. Also, grab special deals on booking for hotels in Istanbul.

Mid-March to May, Spring Time: This is the best time to visit Istanbul, where the average temperature recorded around 20 to 12 degrees Celsius. If you're planning to visit Istanbul this season, make sure to book hotels in Istanbul in advance to get the lowest fares. Many tourists feel that spring is the best of all when the city comes alive in a gamut of colors. There is the International Tulip Festival also which is held during this season with millions of tulips in bloom across the city.

June to September, Summer Time: It's very hot and humid during this season. However, evenings are bit warm and pleasant. As the city is not over crowded in this period, you can look for great deals on hotels in Istanbul. This season welcome visitors to enjoy 10 sunshine hours with a cool breeze. The average temperature is recorded around 30 degrees Celsius during this period.

October to November, Autumn Time: The average temperature is recorded around 16 to 9 degrees Celsius. Now it is the best time to get huge discounts and offers on hotels in Istanbul.

Being the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul welcomes more than 15 million annual visitors. Plan your trip to this beautiful city and be sure of having the best time of life.