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Ashes to Diamonds?

Ashes to Diamonds?

Friday October 28, 2016,

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A company in Switzerland famously known as LONITE is capable of doing something magical. It enables to keep memories of your loved ones to yourself forever with cremation diamonds or memorial diamonds. These are artificial processed diamond where HPHT technology turns human cremation ashes into diamond. These memorial diamonds are genuine as they are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF) and International Gemological Institute (IGI).

The human body is composed of 18% carbon and 3% nitrogen. Diamonds are made of pure carbon and nitrogen, which provides an amber colour to diamond. Normally 8-9 diamonds can be prepared with one’s ashes. Just like natural diamonds are formed underground, the conditions are replicated in a laboratory, by heating ashes to 3000K under 60,000 times the atmospheric pressure until the carbon is converted to diamonds. The technical process of conversion is quite fascinating. The hairs (10 strands) or ashes (200gm) are sent to Switzerland, are analysed and tested. The required carbon is extracted and purified. Once the extraction is done, high pressure and high temperature technology (HPHT) creates diamond. After the diamonds are ready, gemmologists closely examine the diamonds for their structure and purity. Each diamond is attached with a certificate stating its dimensions, origin and grades.

The diamonds come out in variation of colours like white, black etc. Some even resembles to deceased person’s eyes. Pure white diamonds are formed when only carbon is used. It’s the most expensive of the lot. If carbons and boron are used then diamonds will be of blue colour. The full process of turning ashes to diamonds can take 3 to 9 months depending upon the size & colour required. The choice of colors are left upon the relatives. This process not only celebrates loved one’s memories, but it is also a cheaper alternative to funeral system. Each diamond is unique in nature, depending upon the chemical composition, resulting in a new diamond everytime, with unique clarity, color scheme and other characteristics.

Moreover, its not just diamonds that can be created, rather these can be mounted or used in making jewelleries. It can be treasured in a safe box to be remembered forever. People from all over the world are opting for this idea, as it lets them to carry their loved ones anywhere they want. It’s a memorial and company that they can keep with them forever. The price for 0.25 carat is approx US $2600. The cost of turning ashes into diamonds gets higher with every increase in size.

This unique idea saves the World a great deal of misfortune, resulting from the excess waste leftover of dead human bodies. Although the whole concept of human ashes to diamonds may seem strange, but then diamonds are the symbol of commitment similar to love. Traditional funeral system is painful, bidding your loved one goodbye but mounting them to jewellery will let you live with them forever and with a happy memory, rather than a tragic one. Lonite will help to honour your love for the person by turning their ashes to a beautiful diamond stone and treasure forever.

More info: lonite.com