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How to make money from your free app

On the Internet, you must have come across a plethora of free mobile apps that you can easily download to your mobile phone. 

How to make money from your free app

Wednesday December 06, 2017,

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On the Internet, you must have come across a plethora of free mobile apps that you can easily download to your mobile phone. But app development is a time consuming and expansive process. Now how would you make your free app pay off? The free apps use a number of different methods for making money. Mentioned here are some most noticeable ways that are used by them.

Earning Sponsorships

Just as websites, applications can also appeal for sponsorships from companies or organizations. In fact, many companies and organizations out there serving different industries are in quest of opportunities to get promoted by free coding camp and mobile application competitions. They have noticed the influence that mobile apps can have. Consequently, they are inclined to invest their money in financing the mobile apps with affirmed success. Sponsorships can be offered to mobile apps in multiple ways. Such as, the app interface can be tweaked in order to show the brand of the sponsor. Moreover, there are different advertisements showed at regular intervals in the apps.

Offering Users Subscriptions

This is one of the extremely well-known methods mobile app developers use for making money. They provide the mobile application for free, but then request the users to get subscription for other value-adding/advanced features. Whereas the basic features are used for free and the users need to subscribe for unlocking all the features and paying a small fee.

Selling Merchandise

Some widely used mobile apps out there are lucrative, as they can make money by selling merchandise. A famous game app, Angry Birds, is the best example for that. It is possible for people to buy multiple sorts of Angry Birds merchandise, like clothing, bed sheets, wallpapers and toys. Although, the app developers need to promote the app for making it a well-known brand that can lure the mobile users to purchase merchandise. When mobile application is popular, the owner can create other physical goods, which can be retailed along with the application. This is a great business strategy that the developers can follow for making money using their mobile apps even when they are free.

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