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How the So-Called Entrepreneurship Bug Can Change Your Life?

Tuesday March 07, 2017,

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Change is inevitable as well as necessary. It gives us a new perception to look at life. One sentence is enough to turn, twist and change your life completely. Entrepreneurship Bug, a rather new and exciting concept is just one of the many things that can change our life entirely. How? You may ask. Here's why.

1. What is an Entrepreneurship Bug?

Starting a business, being the master of your own world, having to take orders from no one but yourself can be such an enticing idea that many get addicted to it. If you are a victim of such an addiction, then it is safe to say that the Entrepreneurship bug has bitten you.

The bug is quite famous and has bitten millions by now. The only issue with the whole ordeal it seems is the haziness and the confusion that follows.

2. How do you know you have been bitten?

Well, it's quite easy to tell. Just look out for the signs. If you have the following symptoms, then, you are bitten by the bug as explained by Vinod Khosla, an entrepreneur and a victim of the bite, here.

• You have constant thoughts of your startup flowing through your mind. The constant stream of thoughts and ideas related to your venture becomes a daily thing for you.

• You feel comfortable with taking risks just for the sake of your venture.

• When it comes to your venture, you find that you are ready to wear different hats. Be it any creative work, analytical work or financial planning.

• You are no more afraid of working for long hours. You don't find it annoying or hectic, and rather you enjoy it.

Well, these are some common found symptoms. If you are showing these symptoms, then the entrepreneurship bug has bitten you for sure.

3. Why does it matter?

A bite by the so-called 'Entrepreneurship bug' is crucial, for it keeps you charged and gives you the much-needed confidence you need to face all the challenges. The addiction is necessary so that you don't lose the interest or the motivation behind your venture.

Some known 'accidental' victims of this bite are, Patrick Hull, CEO of Phull Holdings (an investment firm), Vaishali Sinha, founder and CEO of iCharity, Katie Richardson, co-founder of Puj (a Parental website) and the recent one is, Himanshu Jain, CEO of LegalRaasta- an online companion for company registration in India. They all gave up on their highly paid job at to start their dream ventures!

All these entrepreneurs became the targets of the Entrepreneurial bug as The Hacker Street reported.

The bite may not be enough to make your startup a well-established company, but it is critical to keep you motivated, as is true in the case of the fore-mentioned entrepreneurs, especially in the time of crisis.

4. Is it enough?

No, certainly not. A bite is not sufficient. It will help you to get started and keep going, but the whole exercise is much more demanding and exhausting.

You will need to have a proper plan, as explained by Business Standard here. You will need to make a lot of sacrifices, but if you want to bring a change and you are in love with the idea of it, then the sacrifices would be nothing.

Long working hours, sleepless nights, negotiations, endless discussions, failure, hard work, and belief would become some rather familiar words. That's when the mere bite would help you, but it would take a bit more to make your dream a reality.

5. Finally, how can the 'Entrepreneurship Bug' change your life?

How can it not? Many have an idea, but only a few of them have the courage to implement it. Only a few have it in them to go ahead and take the risk. So what differentiates one from having an idea and having the courage to implement it?

It is nothing but this bug as The Hindu explains it.

This bug will remind you of your idea, your dream, and your plan to bring a change consistently. Moreover, this bug will force you to take a break from the less risky, well-established and more promising corporate world. This bug will give you the courage of taking a leap of faith and to just do it.

For, entrepreneurs believe in doing and not talking. They believe in taking risks rather than sitting in the shadows of a secure corporate world. They desire to bring a change no matter how small. They dream of being efficient and hitting it big. They dream of being their boss. They are not afraid of hardships rather they enjoy it.

This 'Entrepreneurship bug' helps you to realize this simple truth.

Furthermore, it won't make the risks any less risky, neither will they plan out your action plan and make your business plan for you. But, it is enough to bring the necessary change in your life and make you realize your real worth.

This article has been contributed by Ananya Gulati, Content Writer at LegalRaasta- an online platform for income tax return filing, tds return filing, GST registration etc .

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