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The Emergence of Tech Quintal

The journey from a question to thousands of monthly readers

The Emergence of Tech Quintal

Monday February 20, 2017,

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Tech Quintal Logo<br>

Tech Quintal Logo

It was few months ago one of my friends asked about starting a self-managed website where we can share information to the billion internet users.

I've been working as a freelancer for various other projects owned by several people. I've got paid quiet well, but that wasn't so satisfying to complete my goal and work in a peaceful condition. There started the thought of doing something myself resulted in Tech Quintal, a technology website where I share almost anything related to technology.

Today, because of my hard work and of course, the blessing of God, Tech Quintal is serving thousands of monthly visitors. The journey was hard and I've faced many difficulties in the initial days. But now, everything started to pay off. Now I realize the fact "Hard work Pays."

The Idea

As already mentioned, the idea was from one of my friends. Actually, it was just a casual talk between us and he put forward this idea of starting something myself to harvest 100% of my hard work. He said: Instead of doing it for someone else, why don't you do it yourself? I too thought it as a good idea after thinking a little about it.

The Website setup

There started my research for having a good domain name for the website. "Tech Quintal," even if those both words are familiar to everyone, it doesn't make a good sense when they put together. That's why I put a tagline "The technology measured." Now, it completely makes sense as the "Tech" implements the technology and the "Quintal" is for the weighing scale.

It wasn't so hard to setup the website as I've been working in such kind of jobs for years. I simply installed the Wordpress and purchased the "Genesis" theme from Studiopress. It is a good or one of the best themes available for Wordpress currently. The design was a challenging part. But I overcome it by implementing an extremely simple plane layout. If you visit my site, you can feel it yourself.

Now coming to the content part, it is one of the most important organs of a perfect website. Quality is the only thing which attracts more visitors. So, I've decided to make each and every post worth the effort. Simply saying, I followed the rule "Write quality content, or never write." I strongly believe that, it is one of the strongest factors which positively affected my website ranking in search engines.

Current Plans

Currently, there are no plans other than maintaining and improving the website to be one of the Go to resources for the users. I will be producing more and more helpful content to the users and will follow the same goals in my mind.

For your curiosity, currently there are no interns or team members on my site. But of course, I am planning to hire some talented folks as my team members. Let's hope for the best.

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