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The ‘5 pm Routine’ you need to get hold of your tomorrow.

The Morning routines are the game changers, But evening routines are what makes you ready for morning routines: 5 am is OK, 5 pm is awesome,

The ‘5 pm Routine’ you need to get hold of your tomorrow.

Tuesday February 20, 2018,

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Its 5 pm already and I assume you had a grueling day.

You couldn't get done much, the most crucial task got sidelined because rudimentary took the stage, you said YES to something you would have otherwise said NO (and it is bugging you already), your time slipped away because you couldn't say ‘ I gotta go’, a meeting sapped you out of your day or whatever.


The day ended and all you can feel right now is the sense of frustration, confusion, delusion, and blackout- about where your day went and where your life is heading towards?

OK! You may say, this is extreme and looks just like out of a movie, when the hero is just about to leave everything.

Hold on! It need not be that way and it need not be that extreme. Here was what a nightmare of not getting things done could sound like. Here is the story of how getting things done could feel like.

Mojo of Small Things presents The '5 PM ROUTINE' you need to get hold of your tomorrow.

Here are two guiding principles of where to start your 5 pm routine? :

Guiding Principle 01: Don't Start Something New - You may Continue ‘the going on’ thing at 5 pm.

Since your resolve, willpower and cognitive prowess are at their lowest - don't pick up things where the chances of making an error and their cost is too much.

Guiding Principle 02: Plan smart so that execution becomes smooth.

Here are the Five '5 pm Routines' for a better tomorrow:

Routine 01: Clear your desk.

Eliminate distractions for tomorrow - today.

Clutter is cognitively exhausting and your desk is the first thing your will head towards to start your day.Clean it today before you leave, so that you can start tomorrow as soon you arrive.Sharpen your pencils and keep your supplies full- losing time finding things is a real time killer.

Routine: 02 Put the most urgent of tomorrow on the table today (and nothing else).

'Preparation is the lever that can turn the tables in your favor'.

OK, a clean desk is a sure shot good day starter. It will end there if you don't get the most crucial task done first thing in the morning.

Keep all you will need to get the most crucial task done tomorrow, on your desk TODAY.

While others will be walking to take their coffee before starting your day, you will be walking towards the coffee machine, with your first task already tamed.

Routine 03: Check your calendar- Decide your non-negotiable slots

‘Owning your day is a luxury of the modern times’.

Before you leave, check your calendar (promote the culture of a calendar - it breeds predictability), and decide your non-negotiable slots thereafter.

You are required to work on a crucial project and you would obviously love to do a go job- Ask for Focus Time.

You have a lunch routine which includes a walk to help you think- Ask for Alone Time.

Just keep it either predictable - same every day or ensure that it is a crucial project so that you can ask for it and get it too.

Routine 04: Switch Off

Your mind needs rest- from the tasks accomplished today and for the tasks to be done tomorrow.

'Have a ritual of Switching Off. Do it deliberately, on time and without rush'.

My rule is no office screens after 5 pm, and absolutely No screens after 9 pm

(I wake up early to make for that- more of it later). Which means no work mails after working hours (You may write one or receive one, but don't expect a quick action on that- encourage not accessing emails after work but it takes time).

The switch-off routine helps you to move into your personal space which we all end up ignoring amidst work. You can spend time with your family, yourself, pursue a hobby, become better or start to walk the path of passion - All this can only happen if you decide to “BE HERE NOW’ (switch off is the first prep to that).

Routine 05: Empower People - Delegate Tasks.

'You can get a lot done, But you cannot get ALL Done'.

Delegating is the act of a manager, Empowering is the act of a leader.

While you are planning your day to grow, help others in growing too - so when you plan to empower someone and delegate a task: DO IT WELL and IN-TIME. Delegation won't only ease you off for more crucial tasks, it will also get more done in total.

If you have not done it well, it will come back to haunt you and rob you off all the efficiency you have earned so far during the day.

Hold a standing meeting (5 minutes) and then switch off - if you have empowered them it won't take much time (but if you have not - You will be seen as a Motivation Slayer).

A RESPONSIBILITY that you have: if you are asking all these things from yourself- give it to others too.

Yes, that's all you need to start.

A word of caution: Don't overdo it for two reasons:

People may get confused about what you are up to.

You may end up exhausting yourself before accomplishing something substantial.

This post was originally published on www.mojoofsmallthings on 13th December'2017

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