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How to Become an Authorpreneur

How to Become an Authorpreneur

Saturday November 18, 2017,

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Today, the technology has so advanced that a creator of literary arts can become an originator as well as an entrepreneur. Authorpreneurship is all about taking your professional opportunities to a next level using your creative level. Apart from brushing their skills in creating words, the aspiring authorpreneurs need to have ideas for publicising, marketing, entrepreneurial, and legal skills to maintain self-employment and establish themselves as a well-reputed author. In other words, they’ll have to create a brand out of their creativity. If you are an aspiring authorpreneurs then read on to know the secrets to attaining success in the industry:-

Determine Your Brand Know Your Expertise And Work Accordingly

It becomes easier to build your brand if you know about your potential. You could be an expert at creating a Business book, a Self-Help book, or anything else related to creative writing. Alternatively, you could try your expertise in different niches, such as a fiction writer, historical, etc. knowing about your area of expertise is necessary to build a base of your brand, as an author. Find the value you can potentially provide to others, and build your pathway to authorpreneurship accordingly.

Define Your Commitments As An Author

Do you write for money or for passion? Before you take that first leap, you need to ask yourself, why are you into writing? If you consider becoming an author with a heed to follow your passion then your goals will differ from the ones writing to achieve success in authorpreneurship. In case, you are writing as a hobby, like for a selected group of people (for family or friends) then you’ll be eager to collect stories rather than investing time honing your skills. A serious author will read constantly, be fully committed to writing, and invest in proper resources. Once you have a clear idea of your choices, you’ll have a better understanding of building your author platform.

Learn The Art Of Connecting And Engaging With Your Audience

Your success as an authorprenuers depends on the number of audiences “hanging out” with your book. It doesn’t really matter whether you launch a soft copy or a hard copy of your writing. The ultimate things that define an author’s success are how well he/she introduces the “key” (book) to the world. Better connection and engagement means more return. Be aware of your time and considerate about the place when launching a copy of your writing. As an author, you shouldn’t promote/advertise at the places where your audience doesn’t congregate.

Always Be Determined To Work Hard For Your Career

Hard-core authors know that authorprenuership entails hard work. Hence, they are determined by their writing. Everything in their life is connected to their craft in one or the other way. As a budding authorpreneur, you need to focus on establishing your brand using different avenues and promotional methods. Look for a platform that can define your visibility and strengthen/create a healthy bond between you and your audience. Let the people know your existence. Keep people informed about the worth of your book. You should be influential enough to convince the audience about the credibility of your writing. Make the right audience work for you and spread the word on your behalf.

Never Stop Investing In Your Success

Even if you are doing well on your journey to becoming a successful authorpreneur you can’t bring the wheel to rest. The reason? As with any business, the success of a book needs to be taken seriously. Things aren’t limited to creative writing. It needs professional services like cover design, editing, etc. to produce a high-quality copy. This calls in for some monetary investment. Added to it, you’ll need to keep brushing your skills from time to time in order to maintain your position in the industry.

How Dr.Kalyan Kankanala has Redefined Authorpreneurship?

Dr.Kalyan is a reputed intellectual property attorney practicing in Bangalore, India. He is involved in helping the clients derive the best possible business value from their intellectual assets. Additionally, Kalyan offers consultation for United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). And to the top of that, he teaches at some of the prestigious institutions of India including National Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and Law School of India University, Bangalore.

Kalyan has also curated some internationally acclaimed writings on intellectual property. His bestselling works feature Patent Law, which was published by Oxford University Press. Having achieved such huge success in his career, he took another leap by venturing into legal fiction. His debut Epidemic has witnessed an amazing response from the readers. It’s an engrossing drug patent thriller and amazing enough to sway away your minds. Highlights of the book-

* This fast-paced legal thriller depicts the battle between patented and generic life-saving drugs.

* The story features the adventures of Arjun-a hard-working blind lawyer, who is guided by his dog as he takes on a high profile Pharmaceutical Company with the aim to save lives by delivering justice.

* The book includes larger than life characters and highlights the challenges of a person who grew up visually impaired. Maybe Dr.Kalyan has portrayed himself as the protagonist (being visually impaired himself) with a strong conscience.

Can we expect more works of creative writing from him? Of course, yes! Kalyan has just released his next book called The Dravidian: God’s Own Tribe which is a faced paced Legal Thriller through Amazon India. In addition, he has plans to write on socially relevant subjects in a series of IP Law Thrillers.

Newest big achievement of Dr. Kalyan- The Dravidian-God’s Own Tribe

The next most special thing about Dr. Kalyan is that he has successfully enlisted himself among the Legal Thrillers writers of India. This is indeed great in itself because the country has writers as such. The Dravidian is one of the IP Law Thrillers series featuring socially relevant subjects. Know here why this novel has turned out to so popular among readers-

* It includes some of the most amazing lines worth falling for, such as these- “If you want to make a difference, you must fight for it, fight without giving up, fight against all odds, fight until the end”,“…every bit of knowledge we unlock is precious. It is precious because it unravels the world around us, it helps us take a step into the unknown, it moves us a step closer to nature.” - The Dravidian – God’s own tribe.

* Each character of the story, from the faithful Labrador to the comical Jose resonates with the people we come across in our everyday life. Therefore, you can easily connect yourself with the storyline of the Dravidian.

* The plot of the book features intricate details, which is often overlooked by the writers.

Dr.Kalayan’s works in the field of literature are indeed one of a kind just like his great personality.

Concluding Word

Like any other business, aspiring authorprenuers should look forward to maintaining their online presence through a well-designed website. Your website will create a bond of trust between you and your audience while giving your career authorpreneur a boost. Even the smallest of business houses out there have a website. Also, be sure to follow the above-listed points to ensure the infinite growth of attaining success in your authorpreneurship journey. Let yourself be discovered by engaging and attractive work. Don’t let yourself down in any condition, and trust your writing talent and skills.