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Child safety & School bus woes

We are solving a critical problem of parents sending their children in school buses

Tuesday January 24, 2017,

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How often have you found yourself stranded at the bus stop waiting for your child' school bus to arrive? And the only driver or lady attendant not picking up the phone ? Are you one of such parents, pl continue reading this story. My wife Jaya and I went through similar harrowing experience day in and day out and decided to do something about it. I was anyway contemplating switching gears from my investment banking career into a technology focussed startup and a School bus tracking app was our eureka idea. 

Taking cue from Ola and Ubers of the world, we realised that a mobile phone based tracking system can do wonders in a fleet tracking market inundated with GPS devices. We looked at all the gaps in a GPS & RFID based school bus system and designed an innovative app which can take care of all the communication requirements between parents and the bus staff. Thats how "CHAKRAVIEW" was born.

In less than a couple of years, Chakraview is already serving 5000 'revenue' customers (parents) across schools in and around Mumbai. We have an aspiration of 50000 parents in our network in a short span of time. Given the latent need of parents with respect to child safety, we are confident of achieving this scale at the earliest.