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Aditya Belnekar Explains How Social Media Platforms Can Help the Brands Grow in the Digital Domain

Aditya Belnekar Explains How Social Media Platforms Can Help the Brands Grow in the Digital Domain

Friday April 17, 2020,

4 min Read

Aditya Belnekar

The fact is very clear that business needs social media to make its presence clear in the market. It doesn't matter if your business is a big one or just a start-up, but social media platforms are an essential ingredient for marketing strategies. Social media helps one to connect with the customers, increase awareness about different brands, and increase sales and revenues. About three billion people in the world are using social media and it has become a trend to advertise over there. One of the best people to do the same is Aditya Belnekar. He has a digital marketing firm called TEAMWIZARDMEDIA which deals in influencer marketing, digital and movie marketing.

Digital marketing is not just restricted to Facebook or Twitter but has moved to Tik Tok, Helo and Like. Facebook and Twitter mostly cater to the youth making it the best for social media marketing.

Below are Some of the reasons how social media platforms can help businesses to grow are listed as under:

  • Search Engine Ranking improved

Social Media Platforms do help in improving search engine rankings of your business in the digital domain. The domain authority tends to increase with an increase in the social media share rate. Many customers check out social media profiles before going to a site to make purchases. They get a better understanding of the products from those profiles. The social media profile visits increase the ranking on social media pages and the chance of appearing on the top-ranked pages increases.

  • Increasing leads

According to a recent report, it has been found out that more than 65% of businesses get published on social media leads. They have the power of qualified generation through advanced targeting. The best place to start media leads is by promoting business in the social media platforms. The content should be such which is compatible with the interests of the customers. This can be done by including a call to action during an emergency or designing the graphics based on the appealing brand.

  • Developing trust with customers

Social media platforms are more than just promoting and selling to customers. It also develops trust and loyalty among customers. Social Media Examiner has proved that 79% of customers feel that social media is an effective way to develop trust among fellow customers. The content on social media should be authentic, unique and engaging to the customers. Collaborate with influencers for the promotion of products or services. Influencers share their real and engaging stories. There are many tools to help find appropriate influencers online.

  • Generation of traffic

Businesses use social media to increase traffic and make their presence felt. You can drive traffic by creating a social media profile that will engage your followers to go to the lead and reach the product purchasing page. A click to Tweet feature is available which makes traffic generation shareable to the readers of content.

  • Creating brand recognition

For businesses, raising awareness is the topmost priority. Social media platforms can put the brands in front of target audiences. This will provide the target audience to think about what they feel about the companies. Make sure you create relevant content and use cover images and profile photos. Place a logo in such a way which is not distracting. Visual elements of the brands must be mentioned. End it with a tagline to match with all of these.

  • Establish a brand as a topical authority

Brands are of utmost importance to establish your business. To make your brand as a topical authority, post relevant content regularly. The search engines would start recognizing your business in that niche. If your page seems to have high authority, it will generate high traffic. Establishing your brand seems essential when you are doing business.


These are some of how social media platforms can be used in the digital world. But the thing to keep in mind is that not all contents or niches will apply to every type of business. Try to make improvements and know which one works best for your brand.