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Latest trends in digital marketing

How Digital marketing will evolve in 2018 ? Here are some snippets with statistics

Latest trends in digital marketing

Wednesday May 23, 2018,

3 min Read

Digital Marketing Trends - 2018

Digital Marketing Trends - 2018

1. Mobile is the Way to Go

How much time does an average American adult (18+) spend on their . phone every day? 

2 hours, 51 minutes.

Takeaway: Your potential customers are spending a lot of time on their mobile phones. So, implement a mobile strategy that engages your prospects and customers. Don’t just stop at a mobile website; make sure your brand messages reach your prospects and customers through various mobile-centric communication channels.

2. Start Making Branded Videos

On an average, people spend 1.5 hours a day, watching videos

15% people watch 3 hours of video per day

72% of people prefer using videos to know more about a product/service

76% of marketers believe videos helped improve their sales

Takeaway: Videos have the power to improve user understanding of your products/services, drive more brand engagement and visibility for your business. Video marketing is a trend you can’t afford not to implement!

3. Integrate Virtual Reality (VR) to Enhance Digital Marketing Strategy

53% consumers are more likely to buy from brands that use VR than from one that doesn’t

71% of consumers believe a brand using VR is modern and forward-thinking

Takeaway: It’s time to enhance your marketing efforts with virtual reality. This is the future of digital marketing and allows you to offer immersive marketing experiences to your customers. This allows them to fall in love with your product/services.

4. Multi-Platform Social Approach Works Best

Monthly Active Users of Facebook — 2.20 billion

Monthly Active Users of Instagram — 800 million

Monthly Active Users of Pinterest — 200 million

Monthly Active Users on Reddit — 330 million +

Monthly Active Users on Twitter: 336 million

Monthly Logged-in Users on YouTube: 1.8 billion

Takeaway: Don’t stick to a particular social platform to share your brand messaging. Your audience could be using a variety of platforms to connect with brands and look for products/services information. You will be missing a trick if you don’t have a multi-platform digital marketing strategy in place.

 5. Leverage Reviews

97% consumers depend on customer reviews to make a buying decision

50% of adults over 50 regularly check online reviews before making a new purchase

Takeaway: Start making reviews an important part of your digital marketing strategy. The number of reviews you have is an important ranking factor. So, make good use of Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews and more to get more sales for your business.

To Conclude: 

Don’t expect major upheavals in digital marketing in 2018. However, marketers will become even more competitive and begin using the latest technologies to make sure their business’s voice is heard over its competitors’. So, fasten your seat belts and have your eyes on the ball, always!