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How AI helps in Process of Android App Development

By Vikram Yadav
April 07, 2020, Updated on : Tue Apr 07 2020 01:31:30 GMT+0000
How AI helps in Process of Android App Development
how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making a difference in the Android Applications
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Over the last few years, it has been noticed that new and emerging technologies are making their way into mainstream industry verticals. Among all these technologies, it is the artificial intelligence (AI) that is contributing to the evolution of almost every industry.

It is interesting to see how AI is growing rapidly to experience the next big thing the world has ever known. Today, many mobile and android app development companies around the world are not only interested in adopting AI but are also focused on putting the technology on the hands of people i.e. for the benefit of people. In this article, we shall talk about the benefits of integrating AI or such technologies into android application development services.

But, what do you think about the importance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in android application development services? For starters, there are Google AI tools that are helping Android App Developers in designing and delivering high-end applications for corporate clients.

Following are how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making a difference in the Android Applications:

1. Face Detection

Face detection is a technology that needs no introduction. It is evident in almost every upcoming smartphone today. Moreover, Face detection as a feature of Artificial Intelligence has been used in a variety of applications as a safety measure. For instance, Facebook uses its algorithm to identify the faces of the user’s picture and recognize them. Both, Android and iOS app developers seem to use this feature to provide security in the applications.

2. Personalization

You can consider the footprint of artificial intelligence when you see suggestions & recommendations based on your preference. AI uses predictive analytics that is based on the user’s choice and helps in showing recommendations in a personalized way. Overall, the personalization feature improves user experience and connects more and more customers with business through the android app.

In the coming days, the feature of app personalization shall help the business to excel in the heat of growing competition. E-commerce, Facebook, Netflix has already started leveraging the advantages of personalization.

3. Text Recognition

It is one of the very common and prominent features these days in mobile app development. The process is a two-way process – first, it is used to identify the text in an image or video format; second, compare the text being focused on with the previously recorded images to identify similarities. The AI technologies break the text into various segments for recognizing the broken text.

The android app developers can use this feature for mobile app development or integrate it with a mobile app as an added feature. There are many game developers are using this feature in the combination with different tasks.

4. Image Labeling

Android application development companies can use the image labeling feature to address a lot of objectives. First one – it helps in giving interactive labels to particular images. Also, it makes labeling images easy and helps in separating images based on various sections. The labeling of the image enhances the user experience while making users feel more attached to their images and objects.

5. Chatbot

It is one of the most revolutionary concepts in mobile app development. The users landing on the site gets to experience the automated messaging feature known as a chatbot. It helps in providing interactivity to users and potential clients who are facing issues on the website. The chatbot communicates with the real audience, gather data, and render customer service.

Chatbot eliminates the need for the 24/7 customer care executive; it provides human-like interaction. In the future, the chatbot development will become an integral part of android app developments.

6. Smart Reply

The new and smarter version of GMAIL is loved and appreciated. New GMAIL works for the benefit of the user by suggesting the words as you start typing. Now every android app development company can integrate this AI-based feature into their business app. This can save a lot of time while doing business communication.

If you want to integrate the feature of smart reply in your application or want to engage users with the feature, you can take the help of experienced app developers.

7. Improving App’s Productivity

AI can be effectively used to turn up Android App’s overall productivity. Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite are two prominent applications that engage AI in their operations. For example, the auto-generation of email responses and the messages that the user receives in their inbox is a plus.

8. Automated Reasoning

Last, but not the least - Automated Reasoning is one of the most powerful functions of AI. With automated reasoning, it refers to the problem-solving of the structure based on various algorithms. Application developers implement the system of logical reasoning to resolve obstacles like puzzles and theorems.

Another example of automated reasoning is Uber. It discovers the best routes by checking the traffic scenario and thereby, suggesting the shortest and easiest route.

Key Insights

AI technology will take the Android Applications a step forward. It helps in analyzing the large volume of data and uses it for the convenience of the user.
Helping us track our health and steps is a blessing of AI. It indirectly improves our lifestyle and helps us record regular health status.
Regardless of the industry and stream, Artificial Intelligence has made humans highly efficient.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, it is clear that AI technology is improving rapidly and in the coming years, it will easily get integrated into the Android App Development. Artificial Intelligence will increase the organization’s opportunity to reach out to potential customers thoughtfully and efficiently.