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An Upgraded Version Of your Product: Upsell

An Upgraded Version Of your Product: Upsell

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

6 min Read

While posting your profiles on job sites, you might have seen a sentence saying, “ upgrade to premium to have more profile views” or Whenever you were searching keenly for your favourite product at any brick mortar store, your seller might have shown you a product which is having more additional qualities than actually you were looking for & you don’t even hesitate to purchase it despite being more expensive.

The above all examples drives one basic concept i.e upsell. Let’s have a brief overview of this most essential concept which can play a prominent role in your e-commerce business.

What is Upsell?

Upsell is the procedure to offer an overhauled or premium variant of product or service that your ultimate customer is going to purchase. Sometimes this concept is intermixed with cross-selling.

Cross-selling is the process when you are about to sell complementary goods to your customers while upselling is generated by adding some extra input to your existing products.

Hence, both of these concepts deliver positive results to both sellers & customers whenever used in a proper legitimate way.

Want to explore more this concept? Let’s move forward…

Why Upselling is important for my business?

As per a recent survey, it was found that it is 70% more expensive to acquire new leads than to upsell existing customers.

Upselling enhances sales and conversion rate definitely whenever done appropriately. Once the customer has made his mind to buy an item and he is on the checkout page scrolling for different similar products or in case he has already made payment, that is the only best time when you can execute your master plan of upselling.

Upsell methodology is Cost-effective in nature as you don’t have to invest to engage new leads, you have to focus only on your existing customers.

It also leads to customer retention as a happy customer will surely be motivated to make more purchases & will be a loyal customer of your company.

Tips & Techniques to do an effective Upsell

  • Focus on delivering value as it will encourage your customer to buy your premium products. Mere selling extra will never ever pull your customers interest towards your product.
  • Give proper guidelines to your customers regarding your premium service. Your offers would be trending only if your customer completely comprehends his advantage out of that product or service.
  • Avoid being aggressive. Always give your customer an alternative to disregard or exit out of upsell offer.
  • Customers get really fascinated when they are shown comparable differences between general product & premium product. Try to meet up the needs of the customers through this.
  • Attractive discounts work as a life breath to your sales and it's valid in upselling transformations too. Show appealing rebates & discounts with the end goal to make a  purchase something additional.
  • Make the upsell procedure simple, ought to be only a single tick to get upsell offer. More time consumption in taking the upsell offer, lesser will be the chances of engaging your customer towards your products.

Some trending examples of upsell

Learn some few examples of upsell & implement it in your sales -

  • You are obtaining some membership and on the checkout page & suddenly your eyes fall upon some lucrative offer to upgrade with some discounted amount.

  • Assume a customer is buying men's shirt and you have something which is potential upsell product then you can display that offer while the client is on the checkout page.

  • While you are on checkout page requesting pizza add some extra garnishes or flavour offer popup as a unique constraint that is another great case of upselling request.

  • As seen on SEMrush designs page or any practically identical product or services page, you would discover comparable items with various highlights and cost. That is again upselling when you urge the customer to purchase better one with better highlights.

Implement your Sale Strategy with Upsell Funnel!

It happens that when the customer is going to make purchases and is on the checkout page, we immediately attempt to upsell by showing different pleasing offers however if a customer simply overlooks it or drop it but still remains on the checkout page, at that point, we still have game in our hand.

That simply means an opportunity to show him another offer which may draw his attention. So a chain process like this we call as upsell funnel.

Now, it may happen that user doesn’t get fascinated with your one offer but might be attracted towards another or next one, we are continuously boosting our chances to enhance our sales & so this is a smart move over upsell.

And for meeting the same needs of yours, we are here with Woocommerce one click Upsell Funnel Plugin.

Upselling is best while your customer is ready to buy any product so the best place to put your offer is on the checkout page or on cart page. In whatever form you are presenting your offer, you can either make use of an addon to add a special feature to your store or you can hire a developer to complete this.

We usually do it on our WooCommerce store however, the comparable procedure would work for different stages like Magento, Prestashop and so on.

  • Download and install the Plugin from here.
  • Check-in documentation here.
  • In case of any confusion or query please contact our support team, they are always here to help you

Make your Customer aware about Additional benefits

Simply displaying an offer to your customer won't have any effect until & unless they get an answer to their question of why they should add your offer to their pocket. If they do not get convinced with the correct advantage which they can avail with your offer, there will be hardly any chance of sale of your premium products.

So, try your best to present a complete guideline in a very easy language which can motivate your customer to invest his hard earned money over that product.

Final words

Nowadays, focusing on customer retention is more important than acquiring new customers. Upscale your business plan with such strategies which can give a favourable & long lasting result to your business & Upsell is such a technique only.

In the above blog, I have given you a complete overview of what actually this upsell is meant for. So, from now onwards strategize your customer retention plan with attractive Upsell funnels.

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