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Android Help: Why App Owners Prefer Test Driven Development For Success

Android Help: Why App Owners Prefer Test Driven Development For Success

Saturday May 09, 2020,

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When any new technology or methodology enters the market, developers are always ready to adopt those technologies in their daily practice. As a business owner, when we hire professionals, we always want that product to work seamlessly in the market. Hence, it should be imperative to taste the product before its being launched in the market.

Launching anything new without testing causes many problems. App developers know that there are a lot of hindrances that arise when you actually start working on the app and even more when you make changes. To overcome this, companies start to adopt TDD practices to achieve success during the app and development process.

You might be aware of the traditional testing approach where the product manager of the business tests the app with the help of some tools, the development team writes the code, that code gets tested by the QA team or tester if the tester finds any defects will again send that code to the developer for fixing. But the Test Driven Development Cycle is different and offers many benefits.

What Is Test-Driven Development

Test-driven development is a process that allows app makers to build a superior quality app. It has gained so much attention among the developers as it has the ability to solve problems that arise during the development stages. If your automated testing method fails, TDD practice helps developers to write new code, eliminate duplicate code, and devoid bugs.

Another plus point is if you follow TDD, and use it to develop an app, then you don’t need to worry about the code; you don’t need to worry about quality, you don’t need to worry about bugs, because your tests will tell you if you have done something wrong.

TDD provides lower error rates, higher productivity, and other logical techniques to the developers to solve complex issues. TDD offers some readymade solutions to developers and allows them to build a higher quality app.

Why Is TDD A Good Option

Test-driven development is undoubtedly a balanced approach; usually, developers follow three activities before they release the final version of the product, and that is coding, designing (refactoring), and testing. This approach emphasizes on correcting specification rather than the validation.

It means TDD is a smart way to understand the project requirement, test the code before its written, and deliver the best quality by following agile principles. So it is equally important for all the team members involved in the app development process.

It allows programmers to take small steps while writing code and offers productive benefits as it reduces the chances of errors. Moreover, the TDD process is easy and would be beneficial for developers to carry on smaller steps and re-running the existing tests, it saves time, and you can take positive steps for further progress.

It is way better than traditional methods of testing and a perfect fit for huge projects. Suppose you are building HR software, TDD would ensure quality because well-written code is easy to modify, test, and maintain. Thus, it is less time-consuming, and you will be able to pay more attention to the core parts of the development.

Compelling Benefits Of TDD 

TDD offers multiple benefits as it is extremely important for developers and testers to visualize and discuss the app and its consequences before any code creation.

1.) High Acceptance 

When you write any new code, you usually carry a list of features that you want to add in software or application to meet the client’s expectations. Here you can follow the TDD process; once you get the list of codes that are tested, it would be easy for you to follow the rest of the process, and anything important won’t be missed.

2.)Easy Code Management 

Test-driven development offers high code transparency for everyone; it means the developer can easily detect errors from any recently written code. Moreover, it makes the code refactoring process much faster. If code was written a long time ago, it would be quite tough to perform refactoring, but if that code was tested, the refactoring process becomes much simpler and faster.

3.) Devoid Bugs 

The primary reason to follow TDD is to reduce the number of bugs that arise during the development process. Therefore, with better code quality, you can save time that would be spent fixing bugs. It makes the process easier, and you can still write code to ensure that the bug won’t come up again.

According to TDD principles, it helps developers prevent any bugs, or any issue arise related to functionality or any other features, it will be detected at the early stage of development, it means once you ding a bug, you can fix it quickly; hence it is time-saving.

4.)Reduce costs

No matter which development method you follow, cost-effectiveness is a very important factor to consider. This is the long term winning solution as they cut down the cost for additional testing because codes are already tested before its written,

It makes your development faster and reduces the risk of facing some issues at the end of development. Ultimately all this directly impacts the final cost. Not following solid TDD code coverage means that more time will be spent on the project, which increases the overall cost. But the TDD process shortens the development cycle.

5.)Better Output 

Developing an app is all about teamwork. Sometimes, it would be challenging for programmers to achieve big targets. Following TDD approach, every test boosts the confidence of moving on in the right direction. If every test completed will give you a clear picture of the final product.

Final Words

In short, TDD is one of the most important approaches to follow in the app development process. TDD is widely accepted for writing software and applications where complex algorithms are used, and if this app is tested from beginning to end, it will deliver you optimal results. 

Considering the benefits mentioned above, TDD is a good option for developers. If it is followed right, it will reduce the workload of QA engineers or software testers and ensure better product architecture.