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What is artificial intelligence and what are the job roles coming with it?


Artificial Intelligence is making headlines almost every single day. Be it Robots serving food to COVID-19 patients or the drones used for aerial surveillance, AI is not ready to leave its center stage. And it won’t cede the spotlight anytime soon.

We can very well say that ‘there’s virtually no major industry or organization left which is not using AI. Someway or other, they implement data-trained models of AI to effectively perform functions that often falls into the categories of machine learning or deep learning. Isn’t it?

Organizations across all sectors have started embracing AI and ML techniques to achieve better results. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon investing billions of dollars on AI products and services annually. Hence, it is evident that AI professionals will be in huge demand over the coming years.

So, all that we can say is, the AI revolution has just begun and its advances are only the beginning; there’s much more to come.

I know we have spoken a lot about AI and its revolution….so basically what is AI???

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is making intelligent computer programs that exhibit traits associated with a human mind such as learning or problem-solving. We are simulating human intelligence in machines by either programming them explicitly or not explicitly.

Basically, it is based on the principle of defining human intelligence to a machine in order to easily mimic it and execute tasks, which includes the simplest to those that are pretty complex. So, the ultimate aim of artificial intelligence is to make Machines achieve learning, reasoning, and perception.

How to build a career in AI?

AI is continuously evolving and its applications are endless. Though its benefits being enjoyed among a myriad of industries, they still face the struggle to fill up the positions with strong AI skilled professionals.

The job site “Indeed” is saying that “the demand for AI skills has splurged more than double over the past three years, and the number of job postings is up by 119 percent.

So, what does this mean???

Building a career in Artificial Intelligence will obviously reap better career benefits in the coming years.

How do I build one???

Educational Requirements:

Talking about educational requirements, the entry-level positions might require a bachelor’s degree. However, the leadership positions frequently ask for Masters. Apart from academics, aspiring professionals can take up various degree programs or certifications specific to AI which typically covers, coding knowledge, Robotics, Physics, Engineering, various levels of Math and Statistics, Bayesian Network, and cognitive science.

What are the job roles available in AI?

Machine Learning Engineer:

One of the popular AI job roles which are suitable for those with strong applied research and data science knowledge. Being a highly paid hot job, Machine Learning engineers need to apply predictive models and leverage natural language processing when wrangling the huge datasets. If you are applying for this role, then you need to have strong mathematical skills and sound knowledge in programming languages such as Java, Python, and Scala.

Business Intelligence Developer:

Business intelligence developer’s main role is to analyze the complex data sets to find out the market trends. Furthermore, they need to work on improving the efficiency and profitability of a business. Candidates applying for this role should have considerable experience in data mining, data warehouse design, SQL queries, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Business intelligence technologies. They also should display strong problem-solving skills and communication skills.

Big Data Engineer:

Big Data Engineer is responsible for planning, designing, and developing the big data environment on Hadoop and Spark systems. So, aspiring individuals should hold a strong programming experience with Python, C++, Java, and Scala. Additionally, in-depth knowledge and experience in data visualization, data mining, and data migration is also required.

Research Scientist:

Research Scientist role demands extensive knowledge and experience in computer perception, reinforcement learning, graphical models, and natural language processing. They also need to be an expert in Machine Learning, Deep learning concepts as well as applied mathematics and computational statistics. Having an advanced master’s or doctoral degree in computer science would be the best fit for this role.

Data Scientist:

Data Scientists are data jugglers who collect, analyze, and bring insights from large, complex datasets by utilizing both machine learning and predictive analytics. This job role demands high experienced in statistical computing languages and programming languages with an educational background of a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in computer science.


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