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Artificial Intelligence – How to Switch Career into AI in 2020

Artificial Intelligence – How to Switch Career into AI in 2020

Tuesday March 17, 2020,

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Technology has seen lots of growth over the years and especially, the last few years have been astounding. AI-led automation and robotics are creating ground-breaking records in many organizations. The use of sophisticated computers to create algorithms that can even drive a car is one of the worthwhile contributions of AI. Are these going to fade or continue to stay?? Well, many reports and predictions only say that AI is going to stay and will create more job roles in the coming years.

If you have still not considered switching AI career, this is the best time to do so. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and it is not taking away the jobs instead of shaping its roles to enjoy a more creative and lucrative career. When Artificial Intelligence continues conquering different fields, there still seems a lot of doubt prevailing in ‘how to pursue this career’. So, here we are.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, a division of computer science empowers on creating smart machines that are highly specialized and share common traits with a human brain. In other words, we are developing machines that can think and work like humans. Ranging from speech recognition, facial identification, robotics surgery to the self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence is the one sole reason for their success.

Making a computer think or act like a human way is not all that easy. We are transforming a machine filled with nuts and bolts to make informed decisions based on their learning and also improvise themselves from their mistakes.

Be it Netflix film recommendation or Facebook Tagging, AI has already penetrated our lives and we are assured to enjoy much more convenience in the coming years.

What are the skills and abilities that one should develop to enter an Artificial Intelligence career?

Most often we can see AI professionals share a common ability and that is a combination of the analytical thought process and creative thinking. It is indeed the best combo for a professional to succeed in an Artificial Intelligence career. Additionally, they need to culminate the ability to foresee the technical innovations and translate to programs that allow the business owners to stay ahead of their competitors.

AI professionals should be strong in Math, statistics, Programming and communication skills. Additionally, do a small refresh on following knowledge areas before diving into AI career

Build a strong base on popular AI-led computer programming languages such as Python, Java, Julia, My SQL, Lisp, etc.

Enhance your math knowledge on these topics: Algebra, calculus, probability, statistics and ‘logic and algorithms’

Refreshing your Physics, engineering and Robotics knowledge will also be useful.

Learning on Cognitive Science theory would be useful.

What are the job roles available in Artificial Intelligence career?

There are a variety of job roles available in AI career that quenches a professional’s AI thirst. The top roles that are in demand are Machine learning engineer, Software engineer, Intern, AI researcher, Data scientist, Intelligence specialist, Consultant, AI data analyst, Sales Engineer and Product Manager. Additionally, there are many other roles available that are equally lucrative and they are Robotic Scientist, Research Scientists, and Business intelligence developer.

What are the ways to learn in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence career is showing promising growth for young grads and aspiring professionals. Since AI is driving billions of dollars revenue for the organizations, they are constantly in the look for talented and skilled AI professionals to further fuel this growth which in turn is enabling enormous career opportunities in the job market. To enjoy a better position in AI career, one needs to equip themselves with strong knowledge of AI and its allied technologies. So, here are the best ways to master yourself in AI

Start with basics and slowly move forward to strengthen your AI knowledge. Know about various jargon used in the AI field and equip yourself with the right technical knowledge.

Listen to AI podcasts and videos. Gain knowledge about its application in different industries. Learn about various tools used in AI and the popular ones to start with.

Take up guided courses. There are many free as well as paid coursed available in AI. Do some research and pick a good AI course. Usually, these courses start from scratch and take you through a path where you will be equipped with industry in-demand knowledge.

Apart from the course, always keep yourself in a knowledge quest and explore about AI from newsletters, magazines, etc.

Last but not least, apply your AI knowledge by undertaking various projects. If you are a beginner, look for small and easy projects. Slowly walk through the AI roadmap and transition yourself to handle big projects.

What are the ways to hunt in an Artificial Intelligence job?

Once you are done with all the needed learning, it is time to look for an AI job. There are many sites where you can do a job search such as Naukri, Monster, LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, etc. Even some of the training providers with whom you have taken up the course will help you in finding jobs.

It is AI-powered wold now, you don’t need to do hard hunting. There has been a major crisis in talented skills to fill the immense opportunities waiting in the AI world. Landing in your dream job will be easier now. Be ready to build core skills, an impressive portfolio and equip yourself to crack the interview.

The most successful AI professionals share a common trait and that is bundling their analytical ability, creative thinking, knowledge on the latest AI tools to help their organization gain edge over a highly competitive business environment. AI is drastically changing the way a professional will think and work. ‘Future jobs’ are no longer a mundane work but will instill one’s creativity to come up with an AI-powered solution. It’s time to reskill yourself to jump into the AI ocean.

Many Industries were already adapted AI and many more yet to. Thus, Switch your career into Artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020 and grab the opportunities in future.