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Artificial Intelligence Technology Benefits

What are the Various Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence Technology Benefits

Friday May 15, 2020,

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In this article, we will be looking at the incredible benefits of AI along with the associated risks of it as a tool for businesses and individuals. AI has become increasingly popular among companies of all sizes, by driving dramatic transformations across various organizations and industries. AI has become a necessity for individuals as well as corporations by improving lives as a whole. First, we will look into the numerous benefits of artificial intelligence.

What are the pros of AI?

There are countless benefits of artificial intelligence such as automating day-to-day work. Machines powered by AI specialize in meticulous tasks such as basic analysis, subtle judgments, and problem-solving. Now people are freer than ever, to focus on the creative side of things, by picking and choosing the work that interests them the most. AI is also incredible as it can work on dangerous tasks that reduce the risk to human well being and safety. Artificial intelligence also does not need to take breaks, as humans do.

Artificial intelligence unlike humans does not get distracted or bored as easily and will be able to work unhinged 24x7. An AI system is also well-equipped to work without any human error whatsoever, as human beings are prone to emotions, aging, fatigue, and stress. AI is excellent with decision making by ensuring a high level of correctness by reducing errors which may prove to be incredibly expensive to the business.

AI systems are incredible as they always perform with the same level of efficiency without ever slowing down. Artificial Intelligence Technology, is the most advanced form of technology known to man which is capable of bypassing humans in terms of speed and quality of work. Being one of the most advanced forms of technology AI is also capable of fulfilling various purposes such as dangerous tasks to daily household routines, by managing even the most basic tasks.

AI-powered machines are also capable of making better forecasts, with better distribution of resources and less disease as well. However, this is not to say that artificial intelligence does not have its own share of disadvantages. Some of the various cons of AI are fewer workplaces, lack of overall ethics, more laziness from humans. Let us take an in-depth look into the major disadvantages of AI computers and robots, even further.

AI algorithms that power powerful machines are predicted to impact more than 95% of jobs in the industry by either displacing or complementing them. This effect is supposed to impact various industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics where manual labor work is required. There will be a massive displacement of implementing robots and AI especially in the fields of healthcare and education, who will be benefiting massively from these technologies.

AI is also unable to understand what morality or fairness is and it’s incredibly difficult to design, program, and convey to the machines. This can lead to disastrous outcomes and should be put in the backburner until we figure out how AI can implement ethical concepts. With the convenience of AI people have stopped learning and memorizing things, as they believe that they can simply ask the machine. When technology is used in smarter ways such as AI assistants to delegate and automate the simplest tasks to an AI assistant, it can lead to a massive surge in productivity. So, laziness will not be a disadvantage anymore.

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