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The Never Ending Demand of Newspaper Adverts

There various ways in which we can inform people and disseminate information.

The Never Ending Demand of Newspaper Adverts

Wednesday March 22, 2017,

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There various ways in which we can inform people and disseminate information. There are various routes that one can choose for this purpose. During the reigns of kings and queens this task was undertaken by the messengers of the royal palace who used to go amongst the masses and spread the news verbally. As the technology evolved and people entered a modern phase, things changed and so was the method of passing on information. More sophisticated methods came into play and business owners and merchants started considering marketing as one of the important tools in increasing sales. The move was logical as until and unless people will know about a shopkeeper and his/her merchandise they won’t come and purchase goods. Plus, to run a successful business one needs to increase the clientele and customer base as well. Hence, for this purpose spreading the information amongst a vast audience providing the details of the offerings was essential.

A major revolution came after the arrival of the printing press when paper printing dominated the world of advertising. It became a cakewalk to announce about sale, events, and any other important information that was in the interest of the public at large. All the businesses started looking towards pamphlets and printed notices to reach their target audience. However, the major shift in the approach of advertising and marketing came with the entry of the newspapers and printed journals. More and more people laid hands on news broadsheets to keep themselves abreast of the happenings around them. Hence, the newspaper companies started providing a special column to advertisers who wanted to connect with the public. The move was happily embraced not just by the advertisers, business owners, small and large firms, but also by the common masses as they found it easier to reach the people who provided the desired product or service.

Thus, newspaper advertising has been around for centuries now but has evolved for the better. Nowadays, news chronicles come up with special supplements that provide ad space. People as well as companies can publish ads under various categories viz. Lost and Found, Property, Astrology, Matrimonial, Recruitment, etc.

Broadly there are three types of ads that individuals can publish:

Classified Text Ads: These are the most simple and basic form of classified ads. They have black and white font and cost is minimal. The price of such ads depends on the number of characters in the content. For instance text classified ad in Anandabazar Patrika will cost less than their display counterparts.

Classified Display Ads: These adverts are a bit higher in price and include larger font and striking graphics to give higher visibility to these posts. Readers thus, get captivated by these notices thereby giving a good response.

Display Ads: These are the costliest of all the three types of ads. They are full-page ads that are used by big companies for the promotion and marketing of their services and products.

Though, newspaper ads are conventional way to connect with people, but this method of advertising is still loved by all due to the in-depth penetration of newspapers in remote areas as well. As a result, there is a heavy flow of ad requests in newspapers not just in national dailies but also in regional chronicles as well as vernaculars. Example of a regional paper that has a huge reader base is Anandabazar Patrika. Thus, advertisement in Anandabazar Patrika is a good vehicle both for advertisers as well as their audience to connect better.

Hence, it can be rightly concluded that newspaper adverts are here to stay and will never lose their popularity.

Advertising in  Anandabazar Patrika Newspaper

Advertising in  Anandabazar Patrika Newspaper