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How I dedicated my website for love of science and technology

I am a content writer and a social media enthusiast. Frustrated with the lack of creativity, I came up with my own website and it was the best thing ever

How I dedicated my website for love of science and technology

Sunday May 07, 2017,

3 min Read

I was a freelancer and a student. While I was happy living my life like any student and was not aiming for anything much. But then I was always interested in interesting things that popped up on social media. Soon I discovered that it wasn't the work of professionals but there were many freelancers out there working from the convenience of their own locations. Belonging to a semi-metro city of Chandigarh I always wondered If we had to fly to Mumbai, Delhi for our creative puruits, But being a normal student of management, I never really cared. Then i came across an oppurtunity to work for a chandigarh based content website. All went well and I went of to write about a 110 pieces for their website. I was jugglign all of that with my social college life and writing much of it on the weekends. Then I was busy with my first bank job after completion of my studies. At that time I had no idea that I would come up with something liek amazinggeekworld 

To be honest it wasn't much fun at all. I lost touch with my writing and did not have the time. Also the website started looking for writers doing all the viral articles that did not make any sense. As a writer it was important for me to do something that made sense. I also left my bank job in a matter of few months and was also very frustrated. 

Things changed as soon as i enrolled into my second job. With a friendlier work environment and more time for myself, i started looking for more websites that could publish my work. Frustrated with a lack of platform and the trend of bidding or your won work, headed me to a different direction altogether. I already knew basics of publishing on my website. But then one fine day, at my office, I bought my own domain name with And then it took me about a week to set up all the tweaks on the website with plugins and themes and even designed my logo for myself. Also I got the google ad sense approval very much in the beginning. So another three months, I wrote about 50 articles on my own. It was kind of weird not being paid for your original writing. And by the fourth month, response came pouring in. I wrote extensively about science, technology and entertainment. Soon I could see the website take a life on it's own. I also got responses from University students in the US, Canada and Europe. I also got a comment with a student who used my article on nano technology for their Phd research for their subject. Now i no longer followed the trend of writing dumb articles and began recieving response about how cool they found ti to see someone write that made sense. Later I also got some social media contacts to publish my articles. I did all of it from the comfort of my home !