Apple iPhone 7: Are you Serious?

Yes, of course! The brand new iPhone 7 is amazing, fabulous, wonderful, awesome successor of iPhone 6 with some great specifications like a quad core, 64-bit A10 Fusion processor, spectacular 12 MP rear-facing camera, a new W1 wireless chip for facilitating the Bluetooth connectivity, iOS 10, the home button i.e. pressure-sensitive, and great feedback.. Oh Yes, Forget to mention one important thing….

Ashu Bisht
16th Sep 2016
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iPhone 7 has no headphone jack.

Wait! Wait! Let’s take a case…

Replacing the 3.5 mm jack with an additional lightning port would have been fine. With two lightning ports in iPhone 7, have a look what would you be able to do while charging your iPhone (as one lightning port is for charging):

• Listen to Music

• Talk using Wired Headphones

• Make a use of payment dongle

• Or say do anything other than charge your iPhone


There’s Only One Lightening Port in iPhone 7…

So, Now What?

It means now to perform any of the above mentioned activities, you will need a separate huge dongle, let say, Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar™. Apart from bearing extra expense of purchasing it, new headache for me is that I need to carry it with me all the time.


Or in case you don’t want to use earphones through a lightning cap, then you will need an adpater cable. Don’t worry that you will get along with your iPhone 7.

Or else what you can do is purchase a different dongle which will have one 3.5 mm jack and one lightning jack.

Oops, here comes another thing…

You Are Going to Carry Two Pairs of Headphones…

Obviously… because any mechanism you possess other than your new iPhone 7 is not friendly by lightning caps…So, this means to make video chat using Skype, Facebook Messenger Video etc. on your laptop, you will need your old headphones. Even for all other Apple’s devices like MacBook, MacBook Air, iPods etc., your brand new lightning connector headphones are of no use. Thus, you need to carry two pair of headphones with you all the time, one your amazing lightning connector headphone for your incredible iPhone 7 and one pair of headphones for your rest of the devices. I hope you can manage that….

Oh ho! Why I’m Talking About History. After all, The Future is Digital!

Surely it is…What the lightning connector has to offer you is 24-bit, 48 KHz lossless output, which was not at all needed and is of no use for you. If you are going to compress your music files by selecting “exchange high bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC,” you just cannot hear a bit variation among analog or digital ear buds. The audio resolution simply is missing in it. In an environment with any noise level above supposed quiet, you will be unable to detect any difference between analog and digital open-air ear buds or head phones.

Not the Future is digitalized; we are already living in digitalized world for decades now. And the people who record are making use of super high-end digital-to-analog converters from years. But, here is not the matter of digital, so let’s not talk about it.

The Future is Wireless…

Let we pay our attention on wireless. With no headphone jack, available wireless charging cases etc., you can say that iPhone 7 is going to be wireless. But, I would say it is not; it has now supplementary wires than any new device which I consider to carry inside my pouch. From power cable to audio cables to the dongles and adapters, you are in the sea of cables…So, now you get why iPhone 7 is much far from being wireless…


Moving to the New, Cool W1 Chip…

The best about iPhone 7. This new W1 chip is going to make it easy for you to connect Bluetooth devices together. Not only this, but it has many more advantages in comparison to the present implementation of Bluetooth.

You can make the use of your present Bluetooth well-matched wireless earphones with iPhone 7. The battery issue is going to be the same as it has been from the day you purchased them. So, now while travelling in a public transport with sockets available for charging, you will be begging your fellow travelers to let you charge your iPhone as well as your wireless headphones first, hopeful a superior Samaritan will take misfortune on you and will empty a socket for you. But it’s just one and you have two things to charge…So what will you do for another one? Resort to Violence?

For the runners and people working out, wireless headphones are wonderful. They are meant for short-term uses. With a habit to charge them daily and make less use of it, they work great for you. For rest of the people, who just keep their pair of wireless headphones somewhere lost in their backpack, or purse, is a waste of time as they are not going to hold their for indefinite period of time. People ever owning wireless headphones are very well aware of the shortcomings of it.

iPhone 7: The Thinnest & Beautiful iPhone Ever….

But its slimness & eye-pleasing color will not matter to you as you are going to put it the case; after all, protection matters to you the most. So, you are going to love the fit and finish of your iPhone 7 only the moment you buy it.

I’m So Stupid to Own a Smartphone

The point is that the “future is wireless”. Undoubtedly, we are moving ahead fast towards the wireless networked devices dominating world. But, if the near-term future is wireless, then why change the jack now? Just show in front of world that 3.5 mm jacks are of no use and valueless and make it valid to remove them. Floppy disks, CDs and DVDs came, used and then died by themselves…why? Because there were much better, simpler and simpler options available, that attracted people towards them. Has anyone while going to his/her bed and in that special moment of half asleep, heard a heavenly voice saying, “Losing the old-fashioned 3.5 mm audio jack will make life on the earth better. And as this evil excuse for an audio connector, this scourge will be deported from the earth, all the problems of humankind will vanish.”? Literally, No one…..

There’s no rational explanation has been made behind making iPhone 7 incompatible with every other consumer electronics device present on the Earth even including every Apply Computer ever made.


“It comes down to one word: Courage.” – This is what the Apple Senior vice president Phil Schiller has to say in defense of the ancient 3.5 mm Audio Jack removal.

I’m so Sorry Mr. Schiller. The courage is “What makes a King out of a slave.” And “What makes the flag on the mast to wave.” There’s no point in doing such torture on name of courage that you are going to execute on millions of genuine iPhone users who did nothing to you. This is going to do nothing, but just putting $240 million in cash column of your balance sheet and making Apple one of the top valuable companies in the world.

So, I end it with the same question I started with, “Are you Serious?”

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