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How to Choose the Best Fitness Bike for You

How to Choose the Best Fitness Bike for You

Tuesday November 22, 2016,

3 min Read


There are many secrets to keeping fit, biking is one of them. Ask anyone who loves to ride, whether leisurely, for a fitness reasons, or for fun, and they would definitely agree to it! Yap the screeching of breaks, the sound of REI tires on the tarmac, or the revolutions you make on your fitness bikes, every single drop of sweat is another moment to savor, another calorie burned, and another disease driven away.

According to experts biking alone can help you to burn just about 200 calories an hour; isn’t that ridiculously awesome? And if you want to enjoy your biking experience there is just one cardinal rule to it, get the right type of bike for you!

Getting the Best Bike

So which is the right bike for you? How do you choose your best bikes? What are the considerations to make? Wait, before you hit those steep hills, let’s take a look at the types of fitness bikes that we have.

The best fitness bike for you can be pricey, costing up to several thousands of dollars. But when choosing your best bike always ask yourself the following questions.

• Where do you want to ride?

• When do you want to ride?

• Why do you intend to ride?

• What’s your most comfy position?

Your answers to these questions will help you to nail the perfect fit bike – which might include any of the following choices.

• Mountain Bikes – also pretty cool pavements but will work best on rough roads.

• Road Bikes – Bikes with narrower tires than road bikes. Good for touring about.

• Hybrid Bikes – a cross between mountain and road bikes. Super cool for off roads.

• Recreational Bikes – Awesome when going shopping and have no much work to do.

• Racing Bikes – Lightest in weight, designed for speed, and highly durable too.

In order to get the best bike you should be well enlightened about bikes, your vendor should equally be enlightened. insists that if your seller knows what they are doing you wouldn’t be disappointed. But either ways, there are few things in common things to look.

• Comfort: Your posture should be best fit on the bike. Sit on the bike and try it. Look for padded and well set handlebars, gears, and comfy seats.

• Pricing: The price should fall within your budget. Don’t strain or break the bank. Have a budget first and set it to maximum and minimum amount.

• Durability: Bikes are forged from steel frames. Make sure your bike is strong. A sturdy bike is cool. Take one that’s light for racing purposes though.

• Accessories: Your bike can break or have flat tires. Pick a bike with easy accessories. Easy to replace pedals, breaks, bells, chains, or gears is cool.

• Roads: Mountain bikes are cool for rough areas. Recreational bikes go with smooth roads. Hybrids give the best of both worlds. Know your area.

Finding the Proper Fit Bike

• Set your leg at a slight bend. Make sure the pedal is at the lowest point.

• Make sure your arms have a slight bend on the elbow. Keep the handlebar away.

• Stand, straddle the bike. Make sure you have a 1 inch clearance between the crotch and the bar.

If you are gearing up for a bike session, selecting a model that’s right for you will go a long way. In order to do that, always start with these expert shopping tips.

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