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You are only bound by the rules you make for yourself

Sunday August 27, 2017,

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Some of the most important life lessons I’m learning lately is while driving.

I drive about 50 kms back and forth every day from home and college. It has opened up my mind to more thoughts, more experiences, more life and more music.

The other day I was driving through a crowded lane when suddenly people started turning around and moving the opposite direction not really knowing why. When in my mind I was thinking “why is everyone turning ? Is there an accident that has happened there? Should I turn around too?” But I also thought what if I go and check if there is actually something going on or people are just turning because one person then another & another turned away…

Turns out we do follow what others do without understanding the reason behind doing something. And subconsciously we do make decisions based on what others would think, do or say. But the good news is we can change it if we give it a conscious thought.

It is important to have rules if you are the one designing them for you. You want to walk a different path even if every one is turning the other way, do it. You want to leave everything and travel the world, do it.

It is only YOU who thinks what other people would think. It’s YOU who thinks it’s unacceptable to do something because it has never been done before. Your life is meant to be lived in a way you want, not by the rules of the society. Although, if you create your boundaries, it is equally important not to break other people’s boundaries. Just make and break yours!

Now we are a race with a wide variety of different opinions and perspectives. What maybe right for us can be mind numbing wrong for another and vice- versa. How can we then do something based on the values or ethics created for someone else, by someone else?

Isn’t it something to think about ?

So as long as you follow your heart carrying your brain, anything can be real for you.

Keep believing in you constantly and consciously!

More power to you,