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Photo exhibition at cremation ground! Really? Reason has touched my heart!

While passing through the road near Subhash Nagar cremation ground in Bhopal, next time step inside it for a special reason. A photo-poem exhibition titled Maa (Mother) is on display inside.

Photo exhibition at cremation ground! Really? 
Reason has touched my heart!

Friday December 09, 2016,

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As you enter inside, you will notice these posters on pathway.


These poem poster have thought provoking messages such as "Mat kahiya ki humare saath rehti hai maa, kahiye ki maa ke saath rehte hai hum’ - Never say that your mother lives with you, always say that you live with her

And ‘Pati ko kandha dene char jane aaye, mere jane char na aaye bus’ (four people came to lend a shoulder to my husband’s funeral, just four born out of me, didn’t came)


Touched!!? When you’ll know the reason for the display of this exhibition, you’ll be surprised even more.

This exhibition is on the display for last 8 years. It has has been put-up & managed by Poet & film Director Anil Goyal. Anil is 80% handicap with Polio since he was 1 year old.

He accredits his parents for his survival & success and working for awareness on various social issues related respect to elders & save the girl child.

Why at cremation ground ?

The photo-poem exhibition is one the initiative of social awareness. When asked why at cremation ground? Anil Goyal replies

“ Shamshan hi who jagah hai jahan insaan mukti pata hai, isliye yahi who jagah hai, jahan jab log apno ko le ker aate hai toh unhe berag jagta hai, aur wahi who pal hota hai jab insaan yeah samjh sakta hai ke, jindgi ke kya mayne hai. Yeah exhibition issi kamjor pal mein atam vishlation ko majboor kerti hai aur log apne jeevan mein mata pita ke mehtav ko samjhte hai”

(Cremation ground is the place where a person feel detachment from materialist world & and get closer to reality of the life. In that weak moment only, he got self realization towards the importance of parents in life. I guess it can influence them for a larger good)

Here the complete story from Anil Goyal, describing why exhibition at cremation ground.

This exhibition has deep impact on the mind and soul of lakhs of visitors who came to pay last visit to their near ones. They are deeply motivated and touched. This made headlines in local and national newspapers.


Witness this soul stirring journey next time you happen to be at Bhopal. Meanwhile connect on facebook page www.facebook.com/maakekhat and participate in this awareness.